The Veteran’s Head of the River

The crew entered this year for the Vets head was a mixed vet D crew.

This was Liz Spencer, Christiane Mills, Ken Mills, Mike Arnott, Paul Spencer, Tony Hogsbjerg, Tricia McGrillen and Rosemary Hogsbjerg, with Claire Everest coxing. They were starting 2nd from last and so had a long row past the start to their marshalling point. Their only opposition in the race was a Weybridge - Yare composite who were starting behind them. After the first minute they started to pull away from their opposition. It then took what felt like an eternity to reach Hammersmith Bridge but once past the bandstand the finish seemed to appear out of the blue. They overtook a number of crews and at one point going through the middle of two crews. The crew couldn’t tell me how many boats they overtook as they lost count! They finished 111th with a time of 21.37.09 beating their opposition by 21 seconds. They also finished 3rd out of 7 mixed crews. I think that this was a good result by the crew.

Sam Hogsbjerg