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This version of our crest is intended to work well on screens, is based on all the locatable extinct and extant crests, and is optimised as a tiny 6 KB SVG string.

If you can’t find what you need, Will might be able to help.


Crest in Oxford Blue
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Crest in white
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Primary with text:

A composited logo that contains both crest and wordmark.
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A square image with a background, for use on platforms that require profile pictures.
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The club colours, as defined in the constitution, are Oxford blue and white. We take heed of the University of Oxford’s usage and identify Oxford blue as Pantone 282.

White is undefined. On the web, SRC has used `#fff` and `white` since the mid-nineties, so we use it now on someone else’s conscience.

This website’s design system includes a ten-step shade graduation based on Pantone 282. This allows us to use visually congruent lighter blues in interface design.

A visual representation of the shade scale, starting at the original Oxford Blue.

These colour definitions are provided in case they’re of any help to anyone – 900 is the ‘official’ club colour. The shade scale may change in development, but the values on this page are programmatically extracted from the design system and will immediately reflect any changes.

900Oxford Blue Pantone 282rgb(0, 33, 71)#002147
800 rgb(0, 41, 90)#00295A
700 rgb(0, 65, 141)#00418D
600 rgb(0, 88, 192)#0058C0
500 rgb(0, 112, 243)#0070F3
400 rgb(39, 139, 255)#278BFF
300 rgb(90, 166, 255)#5AA6FF
200 rgb(141, 194, 255)#8DC2FF
100 rgb(192, 221, 255)#C0DDFF
50 rgb(218, 235, 255)#DAEBFF