Club Officers

The role descriptions provided above are abbreviated and for illustrative purposes only. Please refer to the constitution for accurate details. If you wish to enquire about a vacant position, please contact the club secretary.


Rowing Committee

Responsible for all rowing matters including training, racing, coaching and development and maintenance of the boat fleet.
  • Captain
    Paul Shipton
  • Vice-Captain (Masters)
    Tracy Muir
  • Vice-Captain (Juniors)
    Rosemary Hogsbjerg
  • Vice-Captain (Adaptive)
    Valerie Ingham-Boor
  • Vice-Captain (Seniors)
    Victoria Burgess
  • Boatman
    Mike Arnott

Operations Committee

Responsible for non-rowing activities including clubhouse and grounds maintenance, social activities, Regatta organisation, sponsorship and grants, and IT.
  • Club Secretary
    Linda Newbigging
  • Facilities
    Luke Payne
  • Social Media
    Amelia Moule
  • Sponsorship
    John Wetton
  • Regatta Secretary
    Tim Hysom
  • Social Secretary
    Sophie Lovegrove
  • Website
    Will Kerry

Management Committee

Responsible for developing strategy, guiding club culture, overseeing good governance and leading the sub-committees.
  • Chair
    Andrew Blit
  • Club Secretary
    Linda Newbigging
  • Treasurer
    Mark Todd
  • Captain
    Paul Shipton

Development Committee

When formed, will identify options for investing club funds in infrastructure or club development

    Compliance Committee

    Responsible for ensuring that the club is compliant with financial, safeguarding and safety responsibilities and duties.
    • Treasurer
      Mark Todd
    • Safety
      Dominique Young
    • Welfare
      Karen ‘Jess’ Brown

    Non-Executive Officers


    By convention, the mayor of Sudbury is invited to be club president.


    New vice-presidents may be elected each year at the AGM.
    • Adrian Ablitt
    • Patricia Alston
    • Mike Arnott
    • Andrew Blit
    • Danny Botham
    • Dave Busby
    • Trevor Chambers
    • Mike Deed
    • Aidan Dunn
    • Tricia Fincham
    • Peter Gostling
    • Terry Gostling
    • David Hallows
    • Rosemary Hogsbjerg
    • Tony Hogsbjerg
    • Chris Jeffrey
    • Jeremy Milbank
    • Christiane Mills
    • Antony Moule
    • Stephen Nichols
    • Keith Paxman
    • David Wasse
    • Simon White


    Trustees are responsible for, but not in control of, the club.
    • Adrian Ablitt
    • Andrew Blit
    • Tricia Fincham
    • Antony Moule
    • Simon White