Night rowing

Following a review of risks associated with rowing in reduced light or darkness, members are required to follow the procedures below.

  1. Members to read the safety section on our website (the top of this page) to familiarise yourselves about advice on weather and the status of the river, pre-row safety guide, danger from waterborne diseases,
    hypothermia. If you do fall in, have a shower and then drink a can of Coke.
  2. Rowers should sign up on MyClubhouse prior to any outing. This allows others to check boat availability and to check how many others will be out on the river.
  3. Wear hi-viz vests in bow and cox/stroke seat for every outing – even in the day.
  4. Check the times of sunrise and sunset, taking note of cloud cover which will reduce the light.
  5. If any part of your outing means you are on the water before sunrise or after sunset, then every boat must carry lights as follows:
    1. Bright constant white light at bow facing the direction of travel.
    2. Flashing white light at stern facing backward.
    3. Launches must carry red light port-side and green light starboard-side in addition to white lights.
  6. If your outing will take place in the dark, then you must:
    1. Have Lights as described in item 5.
    2. Have an accompanying launch (with lights) or be in a coxed boat.
    3. Have no more than 2 boats on the water at any one time.
    4. Where there are 2 boats, coxes should carry walkie-talkies so that they can communicate with the other boat
  7. Any problems or concerns contact your VC.
Night rowing risk assessment