What the hell is she thinking?

As some of you may know, Helen is hopefully going to be rowing across the Indian Ocean next year. She have been put into a squad for the first ever eight to attempt to cross an ocean. If selected she will become the first female to cross the Indian and one of the youngest ocean rowers ever. She needs to get to the start line first though and that involves a LOT of fundraising. Each crew member is responsible for raising £15,000. Anything raised on top of that is going to charity and the one chosen is the respite care centre in Bury St Edmunds for kids with cerebral palsy. There is a blog to follow her progress in getting the money and eventually in the actual race. The address is http://indianoceanrow.blogspot.com/. There is info on there on how you can help raise money via internet shopping without actually spending anything and more information on the race. The local paper is going to be doing a feature next week and potentially every week up to the race and will be down at the clubhouse on Sun so if they ask you where/who Helen is then you know what is going on.

If anyone is interested in supporting the challenge or knows anyone who is then please please please pass on the details. There are sponsorship packs that can be sent out and a few wil be appearing in the clubhouse for you all to have a look at soon. Also in the pipeline are a JustGiving site and a PayPal account for donations. Or just spread the word about how this idiotic girl down at the rowing club is going to row 3500 miles across an ocean in a 29ft rowing boat with 7 people she has never met and potentially face 40ft waves, unpredicatble weather, sharks, pirates and the most painful blisters you can ever imagine (and not on my hands!). There is also have a Facebook group if any of you are on that http://www.facebook.com/inbox/?ref=mb#/group.php?gid=38635047347

And for prior warning, we will be holding a sponsored row in the new year to raise funds for both this and for the club!

Helen Taylor