St Ives Regatta

Sudbury rowers travelled to St. Ives in Cambridgeshire at the weekend to take part in the 550 metre sprint regatta.

After recent rainfall in the region, the river was flowing particularly fast and to add to the tricky conditions, there was a tailwind to contend with.

Amelia Moule competed in the Womens Junior 15 Single Scull event. In the semi final she raced a St. Ives sculler and after a strong race went on to win by three and a half lengths. In the final the opposition from Kings School Ely had the advantage off the staggered start, but Moule made a brilliant comeback, rowing through to win by quarter of a length.

Later, Moule teamed up with Natasha Treagust to race in the Womens Junior 16 Double Sculls, where they met with a crew from Huntingdon in the final. Sudbury had a good strong row and won with a verdict of easily.

Treagust also raced in the Womens Junior 16 Single Sculls against St. Ives. Steering issues hindered the Sudbury sculler who, although fought hard, couldn’t catch the St. Ives sculler who won by a length and a half.

Sam McLoughlin competed in the Junior 14 Single Scull event. In the final against Huntingdon, conditions were particularly tricky and after a couple of steering errors, the Sudbury sculler got rather close to the bank and missed a few strokes. He came back strong and determination paid off as he crossed the line a length and a half in front of his opposition.

David Wasse raced in the Masters H Single scull event against a Masters I sculler from St. Ives who started with a 9 second head start due to the age difference. After a wobbly start, the Sudbury sculler settled into his race, but couldn’t quite pull back the 9 second lead which his opponent took full advantage of.

Tracy Muir raced her first race in a single against Cantabrigian in the Womens Masters D Single sculls. A good first race from Muir, but in the end she finished a length and a half behind her opposition.

Muir then went on to race with Tricia McGrillen in the final of the Womens Masters E Double Scull event against Hillingdon. The Sudbury crew had a very good race, winning with a verdict of ‘Easily’.

In her third race of the day, Muir teamed up with Jeremy Milbank in the final of Mixed Masters E Doubles. A very close race from start to finish, the Sudbury crew rowed hard right to the finish, taking the rate up towards the end which secured them the win.

So another very successful weekend for both Juniors and Veterans, with 5 out of a possible 8 wins.

Sam McLoughlin and Amelia Moule will be competing at the Peterborough Junior Regatta next weekend.

Susie Moule