School’s Head of the River Race

Sudbury Rowing Club were represented at the Schools Head of the River Race on Thursday by Morgan Moriarty, Callum Power, Byron Bullen, Henry Tullin and Amelia Moule (cox), who raced in the Junior Coxed Fours catagory.

The 6.5km race from Mortlake to Putney was shortened to 2.5km due to very windy conditions which made the course rough and challenging. Instead of the race taking approximately 20 minutes, it turned into a much shorter race taking 5 minutes 46 seconds.

The crew handled the conditions very well and their cox steered a good course. They gained on the crew in front of them, overtaking them just before the finish.

Sudbury finished in 6th place out of 16 in their category, and in 115th overall out of a total of 350 crews.

There will be three Sudbury crews attending the Masters Head of the River Race this weekend.

Susie Moule