Head of the River

We were represented in three crews over this weekend at the Head of the River Races on the tideway. Nearly 5,700 rowers took part over both days which must make it one of the biggest participation events in the London calendar after the London Marathon. Like the London Marathon every entrant is in the same race as the elite national and international crews. It is a great experience just to be part of it.

This last winter has seen some of the most intense training at Sudbury on and off the water for many years and over the weekend we had 20 seats in three crews.

As ever when we reflect on the day we can think of points when the boat might have gone faster and wondered if just a little more effort might have made a few places difference – but so will every other crew on the river.

The outcome is that each and every one of our athletes who competed should take pride in our achievement and use these results as a springboard for the Regatta season ahead. Those who were not able to compete or not part of the Men’s squad should use this as inspiration for their own efforts over the coming months

Saturday 17 March weather wet and cold

Senior Men’s 8+ IM2

Ellie Adams, Paul Sant, Sam Hogsbjerg, Tim Baldwin, Tim Hysom, Andrew Blit, Charles Howard, Lee Adams, Rob Frost

<table><tbody><tr><tdvalign="top"width="128"><strong>Year</strong></td><tdvalign="top"width="128"><strong>Place</strong></td><tdvalign="top"width="128"><strong>Time</strong></td><tdvalign="top"width="128"><strong>Time difference from winning crew</strong></td><tdvalign="top"width="128"><strong>Status</strong></td><tdvalign="top"width="128"><strong>Category Position</strong></td></tr><tr><tdvalign="top"width="128">2011</td><tdvalign="top"width="128">275</td><tdvalign="top"width="128">19.39</td><tdvalign="top"width="128">2.49</td><tdvalign="top"width="128">IM3</td><tdvalign="top"width="128">80/128</td></tr><tr><tdvalign="top"width="128">2012</td><tdvalign="top"width="128">182</td><tdvalign="top"width="128">19.52</td><tdvalign="top"width="128">1.56</td><tdvalign="top"width="128">IM2</td><tdvalign="top"width="128">40/74</td></tr></tbody></table>

A great performance by the crew rowing at IM2 status and improving their finishing position from last year by an incredible 93 places!

Essex University Men’s 8+ Novice

Dan Cooper, Bradley Tyler, Ed Butchart and Toby Stock guested for Essex University in a crew with an age range from 16 to over 60 (sorry Ed).

There was also another member from Fitzwilliam College.

<table><tbody><tr><tdvalign="top"width="122"><strong>Year</strong></td><tdvalign="top"width="132"><strong>Place</strong></td><tdvalign="top"width="132"><strong>Time</strong></td><tdvalign="top"width="132"><strong>Time Difference from winning crew</strong></td><tdvalign="top"width="123"><strong>Status</strong></td><tdvalign="top"width="123"><strong>Category Position</strong></td></tr><tr><tdvalign="top"width="122">2012</td><tdvalign="top"width="132">384</td><tdvalign="top"width="132">22.25</td><tdvalign="top"width="132">3.30</td><tdvalign="top"width="123">Novice</td><tdvalign="top"width="123">55/64</td></tr></tbody></table>

This was a really good performance considering the crew had not rowed together before and most had not been on the tideway either. It was also it was a really good experience with the Essex guys and will help build our partnership with them.

Sunday 18 March weather sunny and warm

Masters Men’s 8+ Vet 4

Molly Shaw, Mike Arnott, Andrew Blit, Stuart Dallard, Adrian Ablitt, Jeremy Millbank, Giles Stock, Keith Paxman, Paul Adams

<table><tbody><tr><tdvalign="top"width="128"><strong>Year</strong></td><tdvalign="top"width="128"><strong>Place</strong></td><tdvalign="top"width="128"><strong>Time</strong></td><tdvalign="top"width="128"><strong>Time difference from winning crew</strong></td><tdvalign="top"width="128"><strong>Status</strong></td><tdvalign="top"width="128"><strong>Category Position</strong></td></tr><tr><tdvalign="top"width="128">2011</td><tdvalign="top"width="128">134</td><tdvalign="top"width="128">22.33</td><tdvalign="top"width="128">3.48</td><tdvalign="top"width="128">Masters D</td><tdvalign="top"width="128">35/42</td></tr><tr><tdvalign="top"width="128">2012</td><tdvalign="top"width="128">102 (85 on handicap)</td><tdvalign="top"width="128">21.01</td><tdvalign="top"width="128">2.06</td><tdvalign="top"width="128">Masters D</td><tdvalign="top"width="128">27/51</td></tr></tbody></table>

Again a great performance improving position by 32 places and also improving category position in a larger field.

So a really good weekend for Sudbury RC and the next few months is looking promising. Lets also now commit to improving all those positions next year and adding a Ladies 8+ at the WHORR.