Chairman’s Regatta Message

On behalf of the club I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to another hugely successful regatta.

I cannot name everyone who has helped because there are so many of you, but I would like to record our thanks to Pippa for all she has done over the past year. She has coped with all sorts of issues, problems and setbacks and numerous emails, texts and phonecalls calmly and without any fuss. Making the regatta a success is an enormous task, and Pippa has done it twice now. She and her family deserve all our thanks and congratulations.

I would also like, on your behalf, to thank Andrew for his meticulous organisation before and on the day, and for his marathon stint on the commentator’s microphone. Finally, Emma deserves a special mention for all her work persuading people to sponsor us and then making sure that we looked after them once they had.

Early indications are that the money we have raised for the club may not be far short of last year’s record, but to my mind that isn’t the point. For me the great thing about Sudbury Regatta is the spirit of cooperation and togetherness shown by everyone involved. Once again we have had many many expressions of thanks from competitors and spectators, who praise the organisation and the friendly atmosphere as well as the location. Without the hard work of all of you, and your families and friends we couldn’t have a regatta.

Thank you all, and well done!

Mike Arnott


Mike Arnott