Captain’s Update

Here we are in mid Regatta season with a busy few weeks ahead so I thought it was time for another update. We actually have a summer this year and lots of rowing opportunities

Please read it as some will apply to you as a member of the club.

Women’s Henley Regatta

Sophie represented Sudbury RC at Women’s Henley in the inaugural Adaptive race and won the event! Congratulations to Sophie for a fantastic achievement and reward for her continuous training. Every weekend Sophie is one of the first boats on the water and last off. Congratulations too to Tony Hogsbjerg who also won a medal as coach, also to Sam and Becky for their support.

Other Recent Events

Over recent weeks we have been to the Ball Cup, Masters Championships, Peterborough Spring and Bedford Quarts with some really good wins and medals.

For the first time we entered three crews at Henley Veterans and although we could not post a win each of them did us proud on the day.

Care on the River

With so many boats on the river at weekends and evenings we have to be ever more careful to make sure we are on the right side of the river and that we check that no-one ahead is on the wrong side – it’s the job of cox, bow and single scullers to make sure of both.

We have recently suffered two accidents with some significant damage to two of our best boats in one of them.

So please:

  • Check who else is out on the river
  • Keep a regular check ahead – two closing boats will cover 100m in 5 strokes each
  • Make sure you are close to your bank and don’t be afraid to stop – you will only lose a few seconds
  • Arrange to go in convoy with other boats
  • Mentally check each boat going in the opposite direction and where you expect to meet them – and don’t forget someone else might now be on the river
  • Report any incidents or damage to your VC or the Captain
  • Finally no matter what your level or experience you still need to do these simple things – many of our incidents do in fact involve our more experienced rowers.


I have received a letter of complaint from the Secretary of Sudbury Angling Club to which I have replied. I know it is difficult to avoid collision as described in the previous paragraph and also the anglers too. But can you please all do your best to note where anglers are positioned – usually on the Suffolk bank and to keep as well clear as possible. Can you also ensure that if stopping for a rest, chat or to prepare for a piece we do this away from any anglers although we will still need to turn at each end. As ever we should be pleasant and polite to our fellow river users.

If you do have any incidents can you please let me know.

New Boats

We have recently purchased two new Edon stable singles. These are aimed at LTR and Novice scullers but available to anyone who would like a stable single experience. If you do use one please make sure you are able to use the rigger fixings correctly – ask for guidance if you need it.

We have also been the left a beneficiary by a former stalwart member and Vice President June King who died recently. June was instrumental in starting ladies rowing at the club and has been a good friend of SRC for many years. We have decided to buy a new Wintech Double similar to ‘Faith’ with this legacy and June’s relatives will be joining us for a naming ceremony in the autumn.

Finally we have had use of the HG Pair for some months and have now decided to purchase it.

As ever please treat these delicate boats with care.

Future Rowing Events

We have lots of events coming up and opportunities for all of us to race.

We will need to make the entries over the next week for our own Regatta so please speak to your Vice Captain to discuss your availability or entries.

Lee Adams is Regatta Secretary and needs lots of support before, during and after the Regatta – please look out for his mails and give him all the help you can. For our new members Sudbury Regatta is a great day for members, family and guests!

Upcoming Events:

  • 20-21 July British Rowing Junior Champs
  • 27-28 July St Neots
  • 3 August Sudbury International Regatta
  • 10-11 August Peterborough Summer
  • 15-18 August ZeZere Rowing Tour Portugal
  • 1 September Gt Ouse Marathon
  • 8 September Cambridge Autumn
  • 15 September Boston Marathon
  • Annual Dinner and Dance 5 October 2013 – more information nearer the time

That’s all for now.

Good luck, enjoy the weather and don’t forget the sun cream, hat and insect repellent

Keith Paxman


Keith Paxman