‘The Best Little Regatta in the World’

As you would expect there were many competitors from the ‘home’ club at this event. It was good to see old friends such as Jess Dixon and Pete Gostling back in the saddle. I am very grateful to David Bull for organising crews and collating the forms. Successes for the day (ignoring those members rowing for other crews) were the Mens Sprint 8 (Moule, Hamblett, Bull, Ord, Howard, Chambers, Hogsbjerg, Gostling, coxed by Spencer), Mixed Senior 2 4 (Tickner, Spencer, Hamblett, Hogsbjerg coxed by Cole), Veteran Novice 4 (Wasse, Chandrasekharan, Smith, Millbank coxed by Jones), S2 2x (Hamblett, Ord), WJ 2x (Tickner, Dixon), Mixed N 2x (Woricker, Kiff), N1x (Woricker), WJ 1x (Spencer), WJ16 1x (Tickner). Of these the most pleasing to me were the win for Dan at Novice single – it’s been a while coming and he has worked hard for it – and the Mixed Novice Double – Sophie being back in a boat is one thing but sculling so well and winning a competitive event was really good to see.