Success at Bedford Star

Sudbury supporters on the bank in Bedford.

It was an early start for all involved but the sun was shining and the excitement (and nerves!) could be felt all the way to Bedford.

This was the first sprint race away from the Stour for most of our crews but they took to it like ducks to the water. Some races were won, some were lost but all in all a good day for all the competitors and the now official rowing ‘groupies’.

Well done to everyone, especially Pippa & Will and Abi & Kezia for winning their events, to Kezia and Holly for such a good show at their first race coxing experience, to Toby for being a real trooper and almost racing himself, to Will, Toby & George for not giving up when faced with larger opposition, to Ellie for giving George a fight all the way to the line, to Bronwen for sheer determination, to the novice men and the mixed four for giving all they had got, to Tony M and Tony H who were making sure everyone was organised and finally to all the support team for encouraging all the crews as they went past – go Sudbury!

Katherine Cass