Some new equipment for the club

A pair of new sweep Dreissigacker big-blade smoothie oars: one is a direct insurance replacement for the one broken during last year's regatta, and the other is partly to provide a matched pair and partly so that we do not have to use the #8 cleaver regularly, as it has an unrepairable crack. As these 2 oars will be a bit stiffer than the older ones, those with dodgy backs should avoid! It would be good to get them painted before we start using them in earnest, and let's try to keep the spoons and handles looking new for as long as possible!

  • On Wednesday 19th February, Tony M, Tony H, Sam H and Mike went to test drive, haggle and transport back to the club an 8. To quote Tony Moule's reportAll those wishing to row in this boat should of course ask the Captain's permission.
I am VERY pleased to announce that SRC are the proud owners of a newer eight, thanks to Mike, Tony H, Sam H, and myself!!!! who spent most of yesterday travelling to Stourport, West Midlands, to view, try out, and then bring it back to Sudbury (370 miles in 12 hours). We had some members of Stourport join us for a row in the boat, and did almost 40 minutes. The boat rows well, we did a couple of racing starts where the boat lifted and ran!!

It is an Aylings 85kg average (which is lighter than the other eights we currently row), it has aero-wing riggers, single action seats, good shoes and is in very good condition. I look forward to rowing and competing in this new asset for the club, and look forward to seeing many members doing the same.

We intend to buy a few more pairs of shoes for the boat as some of the shoes are on the small side. The only slight oddity is where the boat sections, as it is 2/3rd and 1/3rd rather than being sectioned in two halves. This should not present us with too many problems, but we will just need a little more thought when we load the boat on the trailer when we have lots of boats to transport.

Lets enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All those wishing to row in this boat should of course ask the Captain's permission.