Maidstone Small Boats Head 2005

A significant Club expedition. Despite Maidstone dropping out crews left right and centre owing to CLAIMED lack of opposition the Club fielded 20 athletes most competing twice or more. The average standard of our entrants was as high as I can remember (within each class) and it is encouraging, from a Captaincy point of view, to record that watching the post-match video (available from all good Hogsbjerg outlets) to note the consistency of SRC rowing ‘style’. The Club’s results reflected our aspirations too. Wins were recorded by Jenny at WJ15 1× (would also have won WJ16). Jenny and Sophie at WJ162×, Anna and Sue and WN2× (they were 2nd in their event also!), Keith, Rob, Dave and John M at N4+ (with the other 2 combinations 2nd and 3rd= in the same event on time) and Aidan and Trevor at S2 2-.