Lea Regatta

The juniors at Lea Regatta.
Sudbury juniors with their VC, Rob Frost.

Sunday 25th April - the first regatta of the season and Sudbury took some of their junior crews and novice mens crew off to Lea.

The day ended with 3 wins - George Cook and Ellie Adams with a strong win in the J13 double against the Lea crew. The J16 ladies - Holly Adams, Bronwen King, Lydia Lockyer and the new girl on the block Katherine Insull, coxed by Ellie Adams. This was one of the closest races of the day against a J18 crew and good coxing and some fine rowing saw Sudbury win by a canvas.

Final win of the day, and losing the novice status was the novice Masters - Lee Adams, Graham Morris, St.John Gardner and Giles Stock coxed by Toby Stock. The race was against Maidstone, who started well and took the lead, but Sudbury pushed hard and overtook to win by 3 lengths.

Good start to the season and hopefully the gauntlet has been laid for the rest of the club to follow.