Club Awards

As tradition dictates, the club awards were awarded at the annual dinner last month. For the benefit of those who missed the evening, possess more mature powers of memory or would like to bask their success, the full list of nominations (with winners in each category marked) is provided below.

Junior Award

Katharine Insull (winner)

Katharine has worked tirelessly all season. She went to the GB trials, rowed at Henley and represented Wales. She has carried the club name forward at the highest level this season.

Ella Hysom

Ella first coxed an eight in atrocious conditions at Ardleigh. Since then she has made great strides as a cox and has had two big wins at Bedford and at Sudbury.

Amy Bowles

Throughout the year Amy has been dedicated to her training and has achieved a number of wins in the events she has entered.

Ellie Adams

Ellie has shown continued dedication to her training. She showed her competitive side when faced with fresh competition from within the junior squad. Se also coxed the mens 8 at the Head of the river and has shown improvement all year with her coxing.

Senior Award

Jeremy Milbank (winner)

For the incredible amount of training that he has committed to this year, and the strides forward he has made in technique. Jeremy regularly trains at 6.30 mid week and is happy to share the boat with any willing partner. He and David Wasse have regularly put themselves in winning positions through the season (and often managed to find unique ways to avoid winning!) although they were triumphant at Peterborough Summer. Jeremy and Pippa were the club’s sole representatives at Masters Henley.

Tim Hysom

Tim rowed in the men’s first 8 then went on to win his novice pot at Bedford Quarts Regatta. He could not have achieved those things if he didn’t listen and learn. His attitude, persistence and will to be better has made him technically better and also a pleasure to row with. He is no longer just a big ergo… but a big presence!

Paul Adams

Paul was perhaps the most dedicated adult trainer in the winter months; he moved from the Senior 8+ to the Vets 8+ for the HORR without complaint and is always happy to row at any time in any crew.

Stour Shield

Pippa Kerry

For another well organised successful regatta and for trying to introduce new ideas to the event. She has done a fantastic job. She went about the job with no fuss and produced a truly great and profitable regatta.

John Bowles (winner)

Apart from his commitment to developing his rowing skills, John is always willing to help with boat or club maintenance. He regularly identifies boat repairs that are required and just gets on with applying his practical skills. He is a tremendous asset to the club.

David Wasse

For his work on the land purchase and overall financial and strategic guidance and judgement.

Most Improved Rower

Tom Bowles

Tom has not yet been rowing a year but has shown what dedication, persistence and focus can achieve. He has absorbed information and guidance and applied it to progress and develop rapidly so that he is already racing at a high level .To go from L2R to racing at national level competitions in less than a year is proof of what hard work and commitment can achieve.