British Indoor Rowing Championships

Ten members of the Sudbury Rowing Club junior squad traveled to the Olympic Velopark in London to compete in the British Indoor Rowing Championships.

It was quite a sight to see eighty ergometers set out with precision, filling the centre of the velodrome. Competitor ages ranged from 12 years to 89 years with each age group racing over a specific time or distance.

Callum Power raced in the Sixth Form Boys 2km event finishing in a time of 6 minutes and 46 seconds, 23rd place out of 49 competitors.

Amelia Moule and Nell Belcher competed in the Yr 11 Girls 6 minutes event. Out of 44 competitors, Amelia finished in 33rd place with a distance of 1419 metres. Nell finished in 40th position with 1390 metres.

In the Yr 11 Boys 6 mins event (41 entries), Byron Bullen finished in 18th position with 1670 metres. Henry Tullin finished in 30th position with 1584 metres.

In the Yr 10 Girls 5 mins event (58 entries), Amelia Maskell finished 22nd with 1226 metres and Jemima Savage finished 36th with 1182 metres.

In the Yr 9 Girls 4 mins event there were 60 competitors in all. Helena Griffiths finished in 23rd place with 938 metres. Martha Bullen finished in 5th place with an impressive 1045 metres.

The youngest to compete was Harry Moule in the Yr 7 Boys – 2 minutes event. Out of 20 competitors Harry finished in 5th place with 473 metres.

This was a great experience for the juniors and one of the rare occasions when they can compete at the same event as the GB Squad! A good day out with some excellent results.

Susie Moule.

Susie Moule