Bedford Small Boats Head

With entries in 10 different races, Bedford provided the Sudbury crews the opportunity to test themselves over 2000m. The whole event attracted over 420 crews, so a popular Head.

Fielding some of our younger crews, some for the first time there were some promising performances.

Will Kerry and Toby Stock in the J14 2X put in a strong show, maintained their strength to win their category.

Toby then partnered George Cook later in the day in the same category and both rowed well together, certainly future potential here.

Matt Clayden and Sam Jones racing together again in both the J16 2X and also the Nov 2X, rowed well together and maintained their stamina, both pleased with their overall result.

In the W J18 2X Sudbury had two crews, Kezia Tan and Abi Malster, and Holly Adams and Bronwen King. Both crews now showing how well they work together with Kezia and Abi just 10 seconds behind the winning time of the day. Holly and Bronwen put in a sterling performance, but the age group was slightly above even their capabilities.

The W J13 4X+ crew on their first race outing together under race conditions showed an admirable performance. The young crew of Ellie Adams, Alanah Barton, Cecily White and Georgia Howard coxed by Bronwen King put in an excellent performance. Although there were no other entries they weren’t far behind matching the J14 crew times. One to watch for the future here.

The Sudbury Men’s 4 of Lee Adams, Paul Adams, John Bevan and Giles Stock were entered in two categories – Nov 4+ coxed by Sarah Watts. Stiff competition here from some younger crews, but they rowed well together with good coxing from Sarah.

There other event the Men’s Vet A Nov 4+ was a straight race against Bedford Stars crew. Good coxing from Holly Adams who pushed the crew well over the 2000m beating the rivals by 15 seconds and taking victory in their category.

Finally, John Bevan was also sculling in the IM3 1X, after the two outings earlier in the 4+, John rowed well but the stamina took its toll in a tough division.

All in all another promising performance from Sudbury, with a lot of crews showing future potential together, and an indication to some the importance of stamina building for future Head events.

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Andrew Blit