Ball Cup 2016

Sudbury Rowing Club were well attended at the Ball Cup, which is specifically a junior event, held at the Olympic Rowing venue Dorney Lake, Eton.

Racing got underway early, the course was a 750 metre stretch of the lake racing over six lanes.

Conditions were good to start with but despite being dry with temperatures reaching 28 degrees, the wind strengthened during the day and conditions deteriorated, with some races being cancelled.

The Junior 18 double of Callum Power and Morgan Moriarty raced well to win bronze in their catagory. They also both raced in the J17 single scull event. Callum Power made it through to the final, just missing out on a second medal, finishing in fourth place.

The women’s junior 16 quad of Lily Blair Slater, Natasha Treagust, Emma Rogers and Amelia Moule, just missed out on a medal, finishing in fourth place.

They split into two doubles, Amelia Moule and Lily Blair Slater finished second in their heat of the women’s Junior 15 doubles, gaining them a place in the final where conditions were tough – they raced well and finished in fifth place. Natasha Treagust and Emma Rogers raced in the women’s Junior 16 doubles winning their heat and later going on to win the final and earning gold medals.

Another gold medal was won by Zoe Rogers and Victoria Burgess in the women’s Junior 18 doubles event.

There were two other doubles who raced, newly formed crew of Nell Belcher and Ella Whitbread raced in the the women’s junior 15 doubles and Shea Williams and Molly Whitbread had a good race in the Women’s Junior 18 Doubles. Neither crew made the final on thIs occasion, but have gained some valuable race experience.

Training continues for forthcoming events including National Schools Regatta at the end of May.

Susie Moule