Sudbury had a large turnout at Bedford Eights and Fours Head, racing over the 1950 metre course, which is one of the shorter distance winter head courses, and came away with 5 wins.

The Men’s Masters C eight of Lee Adams, Paul Adams, Robin King, Austin Shaw, Kevin Fish, Chris Page, Sean Moriarty, Rob Frost and Tricia McGrillen (cox) raced in a time of 7 minutes 23 seconds, winning their category.

The Men’s Masters E eight of Mike Arnott, Adrian Ablitt, Keith Paxman, Andrew Blit, Jeremy Milbank, Alan Muir, Pete Donovan, Tony Moule and Amelia Moule (cox) finished in a time of 7 minutes 30 seconds, finishing second in their category.

Also in a time of 7.30 was the Men’s Novice coxed four of Henry Tullin, Byron Bullen, Callum Power, Morgan Moriarty and Amelia Moule (cox), winning their category.

Sudbury had three women’s eights competing, the fastest of which was the Intermediate 8 of Amy Bowles, Amelia Moule, Susie Moule, Hannah Lodge, Jen Titterington, Katie Newbigging, Catherine Smith, Sophie Lovegrove and Helen Sharp (cox) who finished in a time of 7.42, winning their category, beating seven other crews.

Next was the Women’s Masters D eight of SJ Gibbons, Hannah Lodge, Rosemary Hogsbjerg, Teresa Moriarty, Sarah Watts, Linda Newbigging, Tracy Muir, Tricia McGrillen and Helen Sharp (cox) who also won their category in a time of 8.17.

The Women’s Int. 8 of Asha Thobhani, Tricia McGrillen, Rebecca Houghton, Linda Newbigging, Angela Colclough, Nicola Porter-Vaughan, Mary-Jane Budd, Maria Vigneau and Helen Sharp (cox) finished in a time of 8.38.

The Men’s Junior Quad of Callum Power, Henry Tullin, Byron Bullen and Morgan Moriarty finished in 7.12, third in their category.

The Ladies Junior Quad of Amy Bowles, Lucy Edwards, Nell Belcher and Amelia Moule finished in a time of 8.11.

The Ladies Intermediate Quad of Jen Titterington, Catherine Smith, Susie Moule and Asha Thobhani won their event, beating four other crews in a time of 8.24. Also in this category were Sophie Lovegrove, Catherine Smith, Jen Titterington and Asha Thobhani who finished in a time of 8.38.

The Ladies Masters D Quad of SJ Gibbons, Rosemary Hogsbjerg, Teresa Moriarty and Sarah Watts finished in a time of 8.51.

So with some good results, training continues in preparation for the Head of the River races in March. The next race will be Norwich Head this weekend.

Susie Moule

Winning Men’s Novice Coxed four of Morgan Moriarty, Callum Power, Byron Bullen, Henry Tullin and Amelia Moule (cox)

Men’s Masters E Eight at Bedford Head

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