Sudbury Regatta 05/08/2017
Competing Clubs

    Beccles RC [BEC]

    Bedford RC [BED]

    Bentham BC [BNT]

    Broadland BC [BLD]

    Broxbourne RC [BRX]

    Cambridge 99 [CNN]

    Cantabrigian [CAB]

    Chesterton RC [CRC]

    City of Cambridge [CAM]

    Deben [DEB]

    Earith [EAR]

    Gravesend RC [GRV]

    Huntingdon [HUN]

    Isle of Ely RC [IEL]

    Kings Sch Ely [KSE]

    Lea RC [LEA]

    Leicester RC [LER]

    Maidstone Invicta [MAV]

    Medway Towns RC [MED]

    Molesey BC [MBC]

    Nemesis BC [NMS]

    Norwich RC [NOR]

    Oundle Town RC [OUT]

    Peterborough City [PET]

    Putney Town RC [PTR]

    Rob Roy [ROB]

    Ross RC [ROS]

    St Ives [SIV]

    St Neots RC [SNE]

    Star Club [STA]

    Sudbury RC [SRC]

    X-Press BC [XPR]

    York City [YRK]