Indoor Rowing

Need a new challenge but not sure whether the water’s for you?

Indoor rowing is suitable for all abilities, body types and fitness levels. A complete body workout, great for cross training, improving core strength & flexibility at a pace to suit the individual.

  • a great full body workout
  • great for cross-training, core strength and flexibility
  • well-suited for those new to exercise
  • efficient at fat-burning, using over 300 calories per 30 minutes

Anyone can jump on a rowing machine and get started, but learning the basics of good technique alongside other rowers will make your workout much more fun and effective.

British Rowing Technique for Indoor Rowing

If you are new to indoor rowing and want to know more about how to get started on a machine, check out the British Rowing technique video with Alex Gregory (Double Olympic Champion).

…or check out this 20-minute workout from Go Row.

Sudbury Rowing Club has eight Concept 2 rowing machines where you can learn techniques for fitness and competition.

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