Team Building

At SRC we run teambuilding days that aim to improve team communication and relationship building, improve team and individual confidence, provide team challenge, and motivate and inspire individuals to raise performance levels back in the workplace.

This is achieved through introducing the team to rowing, the ultimate team sport. The team will explore the sport by taking part in land training, learn the importance of rowing together as one team, ready for taking to the water in the most stable boat in our fleet, the eight. Each crew will have its own cox and with members from SRC, will be coached to work together as one crew ready for a race on the Meadow stretch of water by the end of the day.

In partnership with Tracy Muir, a qualified business psychologist (and member of our ladies squad), we can offer personality profiling of the individuals in your team, providing key information on how they can adapt their behaviours to build more effective relationships not only with each other, but also with clients.

The team building activities can be run over 1 day or more depending on the organisation’s business objectives for the team ‘away time’, and we can design a timetable and support with facilitation of other aspects of the day e.g. business planning, if required.

For more information on how we can tailor a programme to meet your business needs, please do not hesitate to contact Tracy Muir at [email protected]


Track Record Coaching

‘I can’t thank all the members of Sudbury Rowing Club who made our corporate rowing experience so special. Giving people the opportunity to try out rowing for the very first time is something important to me, I’m passionate about the sport and want everyone’s first experience on the river to be wonderful. Sudbury Rowing Club made this happen. Thank you for your tireless work and infectious enthusiasm, I will be sure to recommend you in the future.’

Alex Gregory MBE. 2 x Olympic Gold Medalist

Close Brothers Asset Management


‘Both challenging and enjoyable, a rewarding day out and a great way to get to know your team and the value of real team work.’

Edward Colyer, Close Bothers

‘A well organised, thoroughly enjoyable and actually useful day. The lessons of teamwork, coordination and leadership that translate across from rowing to business were very clear but we were never patronised with clichés. I left the day feeling tired, a little bruised but proud of having accomplished something with my team that I would never have expected at the beginning of the day. Also with a whole new level of respect for coxes!’

Ewan Pitcairn, Close Bothers

‘One of the most enjoyable ‘team building’ days I have attended over the past 25 years in financial services. The stars were certainly aligned for us – perfect weather, good instruction throughout the day by SRC, learning a new skill and having plenty of laughs along the way! Thanks to all.’

Patrick Haines, Close Bothers

‘I have always wanted to try my hand at rowing and at the age of 55 I finally got to do it. The experience more than exceeded expectations. It helped to have an idyllic setting and fabulous weather, but what really made it was the warmth of the welcome from the members of the club. They gave up their time on a weekday and showed endless patience with a group of portly middle aged men. As a result of their expert tuition by mid afternoon we were actually propelling the boat as an eight, and for any uninitiated watching from the bank, we might possibly have passed for knowing what we were doing! Thanks to Tracy and her colleagues at the club for a truly memorable day.’

Clive Kingsbury, Close Bothers


St James’s Place Wealth Management

SRC photo 1

‘From the minute we arrived at SRC we were treated to an outstanding days activities. The initial briefing and introduction to the day was informative, sympathetic to age and ability and whetted the competitive appetite. We had a dry run on the ‘Ergos’ which only served to make me more impatient to get out on the water. Whether in the ‘4’ or the ‘8’ the exhilaration of skimming across the water was brilliant. Timing and control got better throughout the day thanks to the outstanding (and very patient) coxes. By the time we were ready to race the team were literally pulling as one. Working as a team was critical and the saying ‘you’re only as strong as the weakest link’ has never been more appropriate. It was a fantastic event, made possible by dedicated and hardworking staff. The facilities had everything you would expect and the food that was provided was delicious and necessary. The whole team benefited and even those unable to participate in the rowing we’re involved and made to feel part of the event. Without hesitation one of the best team building events I have been involved in’

Ian Grant, St James’s Place Wealth Management

‘It was with great trepidation that my new management team arrived at SRC to learn the dark arts of rowing together, as one, in a boat…

‘Thanks to the first class hospitality and warmth of the club we were immediately put at ease and a healthy dollop of humour set the tone for the entire day, and what a brilliant day we had. Land based coaching was clear and concise, the rowing machine training taught the stroke clearly and the fitness test memorable!

‘To get out on the water in fours and test the theory was very interesting. However it came together well and to our surprise, somewhat quickly. To have a number of experienced SRC rowers with us all day really made a positive difference. The coxes were superb.

‘Lunch was sublime and those extra calories helped the afternoon rowing in eights! We were surprised by our progress and to have the whole team rowing and then racing against a Sudbury crew side by side was exhilarating if somewhat exhausting.

‘Our beer and curry that evening locally finished a perfect day. The team bonded, understood one another better, communication skills, especially listening, improved and an ability to laugh at ones own expense was clear. We had a super day and would like to thank all members of SRC present, you really gave us a brilliant experience. The strategic planning meeting that took place the following day benefited immeasurably, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend a team building day at SRC, it’s worth it’s weight in Lycra!’

Simon Coll, St James’s Place Wealth Management

‘An awesome day, from beginning to end. All of the activities undertaken were well structured and helped our new team form really strong bonds working together and having lots of fun along the way. The SRC team provided brilliant tuition and support throughout the day and made sure everybody remained engaged and involved. The highlight of the day was the 3 race finale between our crew of 8 and the SRC 4, with the competition providing a fitting end to a great day.’

Peter Brand, St James’s Place Wealth Management

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