Heads we win !

More success for Sudbury Rowing Club when they attended Norfolk Long Distance Sculls and Huntingdon Head.

Norwich Head has four divisions, 2 short – 2100 metres and 2 long distance – 4100 metres.

All the wins came from junior crews and firstly in the long distance division, the newly formed Women’s Junior 18 coxed four of Amelia Maskell, Julia van Zyl, Tilly Barnard, Amelia Moule and Harry Moule (cox) raced in the Women’s category, finishing in a time of 19 minutes and 22 seconds, a minute ahead of their competition.

Also in the long distance division was the Women’s Junior 17 double scull of Amelia Maskell and Amelia Moule who won the event in a time of 19 minutes and 41 seconds.

Next was Martha Bullen who competed in the Women’s single sculls event over the short distance course. Martha finished in a time of 11 minutes and 38 seconds.

Helena Griffiths made her debut appearance in the Junior 15 single sculls event, finishing in a time of 13 minutes and 11 seconds (short division).

Byron Bullen had a good race in the Junior 17 single sculls event (short course). He finished an impressive second in the category in a time of 11 minutes and 2 seconds.

Also racing the long course were Jen Titterington and Bev Goodchild – 18.18, Byron Bullen and Henry Tullin – 18.24, Tracy Muir – 23.19, Tilly Barnard and Julia van Zyl – 22.19, Jen Titterington – 20.27 and Jeremy Milbank – 23.25.

Two crews won at the Huntingdon Head, raced over a distance of 4km.

The Men’s Masters C coxed four of Lee Adams, Tim Hysom, Stephen Nichols, Paul Adams and Helen Sharp (cox) won their event in a time of 15 minutes 38 seconds.

Mike Arnott competed in the Men’s Masters G single sculls event winning in a time of 19 minutes 34 seconds.

The next event will be the Cambridge Winter Head.

Susie Moule.

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