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Annual Dinner and Other Stories

Annual Dinner

Sudbury Rowing Club held their annual dinner and presentation evening where the Chairman introduced the nominees for the various awards, the year was reviewed in song by the captain and the list of club wins was celebrated.

Awards went to :
Jen Titterington – Senior Award
Martha Bullen – Junior Award
Angela Colclough – Stour Shield
Amelia Moule – Andrew Foster Award for Sculling
Nicola and Colin Swift – Best in Regatta award
Amelia Maskell – Most Improved
Hannah Lodge – Special Award

Bedford Small Boats Head

A number of members attended the Bedford Small Boats Head where various crews raced over the 2000 metre course.

Winning crews were Amelia Maskell and Martha Bullen in the Junior 16 double sculls, Masters E double scull of Simon White and Robin King, and Jen Titterington won the Women’s Open single sculls event.

Other crews racing were Jen Titterington and Sophie Lovegrove in the Women’s double sculls, who finished fifth in their event. Henry Tullin, Gareth Moriarty, Sam McLoughlin, Byron Bullen and Harry Moule (cox) raced in the Men’s Open coxed fours event, finishing fifth and ahead of another Sudbury crew of Sean Moriarty, Gregg Brown, Kevin Fish, Pete Donovan and Michelle Risby (cox).

Robin King, Simon White, Andrew Blit, Paul Spencer and Holly Adams (cox) raced in the Men’s Masters E/F coxed fours. Lee Adams, Paul Adams, Stephen Nichols, Tim Hysom and Helen Sharp (cox) competed in the Men’s Masters C/D coxed fours event, finishing two seconds behind the winning crew.

Keith Paxman and Mike Arnott competed in the Masters E/G double sculls, with Alan Muir and Sean Moriarty in the same event.

Women’s Masters C/D double scull Teresa Moriarty and Tracy Muir.

Rosemary Hogsbjerg and Sarah Stirling raced in the Women’s Masters E/F double sculls event.

Owen Moriarty raced in the Junior 15 single sculls category, Amelia Moule raced in the Women’s Junior 17 single sculls and Tracy Muir raced in the Women’s Masters D single event.

Sophie Brown completed a shorter distance in the Adaptive category.


Sudbury Rowing Club will hold their Annual General Meeting on the 19th October at 7.30pm at their Clubhouse in Quay Lane where a new committee will be elected.

Amelia Maskell, Jen Titterington, Amelia Moule, Hannah Lodge, Martha Bullen with their awards at the Sudbury Rowing Club Annual Dinner.


Team Building Day

SRC were pleased to welcome Alex Gregory and the team from Track Record Coaching to host a team building afternoon for Virgin Active recently. 16 members of the club joined the Virgin Active team in three eights to give them a taste of the sport and to commence three days of team coaching at Stoke By Nayland Golf Club and Conference Centre, facilitated by Track Record Coaching.

‘I can’t thank all the members of Sudbury Rowing Club who made our corporate rowing experience so special. Giving people the opportunity to try out rowing for the very first time is something important to me, I’m passionate about the sport and want everyone’s first experience on the river to be wonderful. Sudbury Rowing Club made this happen. Thank you for your tireless work and infectious enthusiasm, I will be sure to recommend you in the future.’ – Alex Gregory MBE. 2 x Olympic Gold Medalist.

End of Year Report

As the Rowing Club changed from regatta racing to Winter head racing, they celebrated another successful year at their Annual Dinner where their awards were presented to deserving members.

Junior Award – Natasha Treagust and Amelia Moule
Senior Award – Rosemary Hogsbjerg and Sarah Watts
Andrew Foster Memorial Award – Jeremy Milbank and David Wasse
Most Improved Rower – Teresa Moriarty
Stour Shield – Chris Jillings
Best in Regatta – Andrew Blit

The club has now held its AGM and a new committee has been elected, including new Club Captain Sean Moriarty and co-Captain Helen Sharp, who will be looking to steer the club towards more success in the coming year.

Anyone interested in learning to row, or to getting back into rowing after a break, can contact for more details.

Susie Moule.

Andrew Blit, Chris Jillings, Teresa Moriarty, Rosemary Hogsbjerg, Sarah Watts, Amelia Moule, Natasha Treagust, Jeremy Milbank, David Wasse and Catherine Smith – winners of awards.


Sudbury Regatta – 6th August 2016

Sudbury Regatta Saturday 6th August 2016 – free entrance

The Sudbury Rowing Club Regatta will take place on Saturday 6th August 2016 on the beautiful River Stour at Friars Meadow in Sudbury Suffolk. Free parking is available on the day on Friars Meadow.

Come and watch rowing clubs from all over the South East of England and beyond compete. There is always a wonderful atmosphere. We have a tea tent, hog roast, ice cream stands, beer tent, burger stall and children’s rides. There will be live music playing during the afternoon.

New this year – take part in our Rowing machine challenge. The winner will be the person rowing the furthest in 1 minute. Minimum age 13 years.

Prizes for winners in the following categories:

Non rowers – rowing taster session at Sudbury Rowing Club
Junior girls
Junior boys

Rowers – a cup for each category
Junior girls
Junior boys

The first races start at 8.00am with final racing finishing the day at around 7pm. Bring your picnic rugs and sit along the edge of the river for a great view of the rowing. Join us for a fun day out.

Flyer (2016)

Annual Dinner 2015

On Saturday 17th October it’s Sudbury Rowing Club’s Annual Dinner and Dance, a chance to get out of the lycra and dress up!

This year it is taking place at AFC Sudbury. The evening will begin with a welcome drink and canapes, to be followed by a 2 course meal, speeches, awards and dancing.

Lets celebrate all we have achieved this year!

SRC Invitation

Contact Harriet for more information and to buy your tickets – .

Annual Dinner

It’s September already, that only means one thing – Annual Dinner time.

On Saturday 18th October it’s Sudbury Rowing Club’s Annual Dinner and Dance, a chance to get out of the lycra and dress up! This year it is taking place at Sudbury Rugby Club, with Stock and Bailey catering and Dreamwave Events as the evenings entertainment. The evening will begin with canapes and be followed by a 2 course meal, speeches, awards and a disco.

Lets celebrate all we have achieved this year!
Contact Holly Adams for more information and to buy your tickets – .

Thank You, Sudbury

Congratulations on another great Sudbury Regatta.

A few snaps from our Regatta on Saturday. One of our busiest ever.

Posted by Sudbury Rowing Club on Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Good Friday Opening

Good Friday, 18 April 2014

You are all most welcome to attend and to bring along family and friends to celebrate the official club opening and as part of this we will be unveiling the new land purchased this year.

For those of you that wish to take part there will also be an Easter Egg race between 2 “teams” in the morning for a bit of fun. There will be a race fee of £1 per seat collected on the day.

We will be offering Hot Cross Buns, Bacon Rolls (cooked on the BBQ), drinks and cakes throughout the morning. If you would like to make and donate some cakes please bring them along on the day.

The timetable for the day is:

08:30 Rowers arrive at the club for sorting into teams
09:00 Teams/Boats are sorted and crews take to the water
09:30 (ish) Races start, a single division rowing up the meadow
11:30 Mayor of Sudbury arrives at the club
12:00 Official opening of the club by the Mayor, raising of the flag and unveiling of the new land.

As a reminder, please dress smartly for the opening of the club, in club blazers if possible.

There is a Fun Run taking part in Sudbury on the day so roads will be closed and traffic slow. The race takes place between 09:15 and 11:00.

I look forward to seeing you all there.

Many thanks,


Sudbury at marshalling before the start, HORR 2014.

HORR and Vet’s Head

If someone asked you what sporting event takes place in London and involves over 3,600 competitors you may well suggest the London Marathon or perhaps the London-Surrey cycle race. This little known event doesn’t take place on the streets of London but on the river between Mortlake and Putney and has been taking place annually since 1926 (save a few years during the last war)- it involves over 400 racing eights from the Uk and Europe and follows the same 4 1/4 mile course that the famous Oxford/Cambridge boat race crews use and it’s called the Head of the River Race. Those that manage to view it from the bridges and the banks that line the river are normally treated to quite a spectacle – this year was no exception.

Sudbury Rowing Club made it’s usual entry to the race using some of its top rowers. They were greeted on the river to a glorious sunny spring day with a gusting easterly wind. As the race involves so many craft we are strictly marshalled along a mile or so of river while waiting to turn around and make our start in turn. Each boat is started about 10 seconds apart so the wait can be as much as 2 hours; it’s a good opportunity to watch the top crews which often include Olympic Champions, make their first strokes down the start of the course. This of course we did, admiring the perfect rhythms set up by these top crews. Then to our utter amazement one of the marshallers speeds by in a RIB announcing that the race has been cancelled. Complete astonishment from everyone trying to comprehend how the big race could be cancelled on such a perfect day.

It transpires that the gusty easterly wind was more significant than we thought. Most of the course was in perfect rowing conditions but the last straight towards Putney bridge and the finish had a long fetch straight into the wind. That wind would not normally be a problem but combine it with a strong opposing ebb tide and the result is steep standing waves. So bad that 5 boats had indeed sunk. The umpires had little choice but cancel the race faced with the potential of having so many people in the water.

Sudbury RC at Vet's Head, 2014.

Luckily the opportunity to race was not completely lost. Sudbury had submitted a crew to the Veteran’s Head of the River Race which takes place the following day. The ‘Vets Head’ consists of crews made up from the more experienced, senior rowers of a club and is every bit as competitive as the previous day. This year it was a slightly shorter course and also racing in the opposite direction, starting at Hammersmith Bridge and finishing at Mortlake.

We were treated to another glorious day on the the Thames and that easterly wind didn’t have a disruptive effect as the flood tide would be flowing in the same direction. We had a great start under the bridge with our feisty cox, Ella winding the crew up to a rate of almost 40 strokes a minute. After 30 seconds we dropped to a more sustainable 31 strokes/minute which we maintained down the course.

Sudbury had great race, skilfully steered down the river by our cox. More excitement was to be had by overtaking crews in front and the odd crew managing to catch us. This is even more dramatic when approaching the bridges which have limited clearance between their arches. The finish was customarily met with total relief and complete exhaustion from the whole crew.

Sudbury achieved a very creditable result of 11th place out of 30 in our age category. With a total of 209 boats taking part.

Alton Water Spring Head

Sudbury Rowing Club entered some veteran (or “Masters” as they are now known) crews for this event, which was organised by the recently formed Alton Rowing Club.  Most of the opposition was from local rowing clubs, including Beccles Rowing Club, Deben Rowing Club from Woodbridge, Essex University Rowing Club and Alton Rowing Club.

Racing on a lake is very different from racing on the Stour and many crews found conditions difficult.  There was a strong crosswind which created some rough water in parts of the course and made steering quite difficult.

Successful Sudbury Crews were Pippa Kerry and Bryony Dixon in Women’s Masters double sculls, Keith Paxman and Mike Arnott in Men’s Masters double sculls, Pippa Kerry and Jeremy Milbank in Mixed Masters double sculls and Mike Arnott in Masters single sculls.