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Captain’s Update

Dear All

First a big thank you and congratulations to all those who helped with, participated in or won at our Regatta!

Race wins

Congratulations to all of our race winners so far this year. There are too many to mention since my last update in December, however I will be checking all of our winners shortly to make sure that we have an accurate list for the Annual Dinner in October.

Sat 13th September — Maintenance Day, Boat Naming and Sudbury to the Sea

On Saturday 13th September it is the annual Sudbury to the Sea event on the river. As such there will be no water activity on this day and we will take the opportunity to run a maintenance day. I would like to see a strong attendance from the club at all levels please as these days are essential for both boat and club facilities upkeep and help reduce further costs to the club. The maintenance day will start at 09:00 and a list of tasks will be available on the day – please bring tools

In addition to this we are also arranging to name some boats on the day and are hopeful that Mark Hunter will be available for the naming of the “Mark Hunter” so it will definitely be worth being there for the maintenance day!!

Fishing and swimmers

Please be vigilant for both Anglers and Swimmers as we move into our (hopefully) indian summer. In particular we have been advised that there is a Fishing Match on Sunday 31st Aug. If you are rowing on this day please turn early before the final straight stretch down to the weir (or earlier if on the day the anglers are further up river than this).

Racing Fees

Can I remind all members that race/towing fees should be paid to Andrew Blit in advance of races, preferably with a float paid to Andrew in advance to draw down from. Can all members who owe Andrew money for previous races, including Sudbury, please arrange to pay him asap.


The club is hoping to renew it’s Clubmark status this October. As such you may see small changes to or introduction of new processes/policies to support our application. Please support the club by adopting and following these when they are communicated out to you.

Boat and blade care

And finally… the perennial request for all members to take care of all our boats and equipment. Care should be taken in moving boats on/off of racks and onto the water – if you need help then ask. Blades should always be put away between outings. Where possible please do not wear dirty/wet socks in boat shoes….and finally please remember to wipe down boats after use.

We will shortly be issuing an updated boat list with weights and categorisation (including blade use) to assist all members in knowing which boats to use.

Thanks and good luck for the forthcoming Head season and Winter Training

Tim Hysom
SRC Club Captain

Captain’s Update

Hi everyone and (probably unnecessary!) apologies for the lack of Captains information or update since I started.

So here’s a few things:

Men’s Vice Captain

We are still in need of a Men’s Vice Captain to lead and motivate the Men’s Crew….if you are interested and want to talk to me please let me know asap!

Recent Events

Alton Water Head

It was great to see SRC supporting the inaugural Alton Water Head and we had some Wins/Pennants

  • Women’s Quad
  • Women’s Pairs
  • Men’s Mas Double

Scullers Head

  • Tom Bowles 102 overall and 17th in category
  • Mike Arnott 281 overall and 7th in category
  • Molly Shaw 320 overall and 7th in category

Well done all three of you

4’s Head and Vet’s 4’s Head

Some good results at this event over these 2 days. The boys 4x- were unhappy with their row on Sat but went on to improve dramatically on the second day to finish 66th and 6th out of 12 in their category.

The Men’s IM1 crew on Saturday had a great result finishing 14th out of 22 and 211th overall. On the Sunday the Men’s IM3 crew had a good row in their first event on the Tideway and the Men’s MasC crew had an excellent result finishing 49th overall and 4th of 7 in their category

Finally the Mixed Mas 4x came an excellent 2nd of 4 in their category and 119th overall

There were 450 competing crews on Saturday and 200 competing crews on the Sunday

Apologies if I missed any events anyone went to.

Pudding Races

Just a reminder that the Puddings Races are arranged for Saturday 21st December. This is a great event for everyone to attend and have some fun and to share with family if you want to bring them along.

Christmas and New Year

I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and New Year (just in case I don’t get the chance again)!


SRC Captain