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St. Ives Regatta

Sudbury rowers travelled to St. Ives in Cambridgeshire at the weekend to take part in the 550 metre sprint regatta.

After recent rainfall in the region, the river was flowing particularly fast and to add to the tricky conditions, there was a tailwind to contend with.

Amelia Moule competed in the Womens Junior 15 Single Scull event. In the semi final she raced a St. Ives sculler and after a strong race went on to win by three and a half lengths. In the final the opposition from Kings School Ely had the advantage off the staggered start, but Moule made a brilliant comeback, rowing through to win by quarter of a length.

Later, Moule teamed up with Natasha Treagust to race in the Womens Junior 16 Double Sculls, where they met with a crew from Huntingdon in the final. Sudbury had a good strong row and won with a verdict of easily.

Treagust also raced in the Womens Junior 16 Single Sculls against St. Ives. Steering issues hindered the Sudbury sculler who, although fought hard, couldn’t catch the St. Ives sculler who won by a length and a half.

Sam McLoughlin competed in the Junior 14 Single Scull event. In the final against Huntingdon, conditions were particularly tricky and after a couple of steering errors, the Sudbury sculler got rather close to the bank and missed a few strokes. He came back strong and determination paid off as he crossed the line a length and a half in front of his opposition.

David Wasse raced in the Masters H Single scull event against a Masters I sculler from St. Ives who started with a 9 second head start due to the age difference. After a wobbly start, the Sudbury sculler settled into his race, but couldn’t quite pull back the 9 second lead which his opponent took full advantage of.

Tracy Muir raced her first race in a single against Cantabrigian in the Womens Masters D Single sculls. A good first race from Muir, but in the end she finished a length and a half behind her opposition.

Muir then went on to race with Tricia McGrillen in the final of the Womens Masters E Double Scull event against Hillingdon. The Sudbury crew had a very good race, winning with a verdict of ‘Easily’.

In her third race of the day, Muir teamed up with Jeremy Milbank in the final of Mixed Masters E Doubles. A very close race from start to finish, the Sudbury crew rowed hard right to the finish, taking the rate up towards the end which secured them the win.

So another very successful weekend for both Juniors and Veterans, with 5 out of a possible 8 wins.

Sam McLoughlin and Amelia Moule will be competing at the Peterborough Junior Regatta next weekend.

Susie Moule.

Winners at St Ives Regatta.


Sam McLoughlin winner of Junior 14 Single Sculls, Amelia Moule winner of Junior 15 Single Sculls and Junior 16 Double Sculls with Natasha Treagust.


Tracy Muir, Jeremy Milbank and Tricia McGrillen.

British Rowing Masters Championships (2016)

Three crews competed on day one of the 2016 British Rowing Masters Championships held at the National Watersports Centre in Nottingham.

The six lane Olympic size rowing course was set up for competitors to race over 1000 metres.

The first to compete was the Mixed Masters E Double Scull of Jeremy Milbank and Tracy Muir. In one of the first races of the day, the mist was still hanging across the lake. The SUDBURY crew finished in fourth place in a time of 4 minutes 12 seconds behind Bewl Bridge, Weybridge RC and Champion of the Thames.

Later on in the afternoon when conditions had changed slightly, the crews now had to contend with a brisk headwind. In the first heat of the Men’s Masters G Double Sculls event, Mike Arnott and Keith Paxman  finished third in their heat in a time of 4 minutes 40 seconds, narrowly missing out on a place in the final. In the second heat of the same event, David Wasse and Jeremy Milbank finished in second place in a time of 4 minutes 38 seconds, but again, just missed out a place in the final.

On Sunday, two more crews competed in perfect conditions. The first to race was the Women’s E/F IM3 Double Scull of  Rosemary Hogsbjerg and Sarah Watts. In a full six lane line up the final proved to be tricky from the start, with three attempts to start the race fairly! Eventually Putney RC was disqualified leaving five crews to battle it out over the 1000 metre course. Sudbury raced well to earn a silver medal in a time of 4 minutes 49 seconds, behind Mortlake RC who won gold in a time of 4.40. In third place, Tyne RC won the bronze medal in 4.49. Fourth place was Upton RC (4.55), fifth place Ross RC (5.04).

In the afternoon Watts and Hogsbjerg teamed up with Teresa Moriarty and Sarah Jane Gibbons to race in the Womens Masters C IM3 Quad Scull event. This was a two boat straight final against Broxbourne RC. A very close and exciting race, but  Broxbourne managed to pull away to take the gold medal in a time of 4.04 with Sudbury finishing close behind in 4.09.

Sudbury will be competing again this weekend at St. Ives Regatta.

Susie Moule



Rosemary Hogsbjerg and Sara Watts with their silver medals at the 2016 British Rowing Masters Championships in Nottingham.

Peterborough Spring Regatta (2016)

Sudbury Rowing Club were out in force at the Peterborough Spring Regatta at the weekend for the two day event. The 1000 metre, four lane straight course saw near perfect rowing conditions on Saturday until later in the afternoon when the wind increased and made the finals challenging.

Many crews competed at various levels, the first being the Mens Novice Four of Charlie Downie, Shyam Thobhani, Alan Muir, Sean Moriarty and cox Michelle Risby who were fourth in their heat in a time of 4 minutes 10 seconds.

The Mens IM3 coxed four of Callum Power, Morgan Moriarty, Tom Bowles, George Cook and cox Amelia Moule finished second in their heat in a time of 3 minutes 40 seconds, which took them into the repecharge where they finished second again in a time of 3.39.

In their first race together, the Womens Novice eight – Maria Vigneau, Vicky Hayton, Catherine Smith, Asha Thobhani, Sophie Lovegrove, Claire Wells, Nicola Porter-Vaughan, Jen Titterington and cox Michelle Risby,  were fourth in their heat in a time of 4.18.

The Mens IM3 coxless pair of George Cook and Tom Bowles finished fourth in their final in a time of 4.12.

Mens Junior 18 Double Scull of Callum Power and Morgan Moriarty finished second in the final in 4.00.

Amelia Moule raced up an age category with partner Natasha Treagust in the Womens Junior 16 Double Sculls. After a very exciting race they won the final in a time of  3 minutes 54 seconds.

Natasha Treagust also competed in the Womens Junior 16 single sculls event. She finished third in her heat  in a time of 4.36 gaining a place in the final where she finished in second place in a time of 5.10.

The Womens Junior 15 Double Sculls of Nell Belcher and Lily Blair-Slater finished third in their heat in a time of 4.39, just missing out on a place in the final.

Sam McCloughlin raced in the Junior 14 single scull event. This was his first regatta race and he finished second in his heat in 4.22, which was enough to take him through to the final where again he finished second in 4.22.

The Womens IM2 Single sculler Susie Moule finished second in the final in a time of 4.59.

Victoria Burgess competed in the Womens Junior 18 single sculling event, winning her heat in 4.45.   In the final she finished in third position in a time of 5.06.

Sunday’s racing was equally busy. The course was much windier but the sun was shining. The Mens Masters D Eight of Stephen Nichols, Keith Paxman, Paul Spencer, Mike Arnott, Mark Tyrie, Robin King, Paul Adams, Lee Adams and cox Amelia Moule finished second in their final in a time of 3 minutes 40 seconds.

The Womens Novice eight raced again, this time with a different line-up. The crew of Maria Vigneau, Catherine Smith, Vickie Hayton, Asha Thobhani, Sharon Wright, Claire Wells, Nicola Porter-Vaughan, Jen Titterington and cox Michelle Risby, finished second in their heat in 4.38. In the final they finished fourth in 4.37.

The Mens Novice coxed four raced in the same combination as Saturday and this time finished third in their heat in 4.36.

The Mens Novice Double Scull of Morgan Moriarty and Tom Wright finished second in their heat in 4.12, taking them into the semi-final where they finished  in fourth place in 4.19.

The Mens Masters Double Scull crew of Alan Muir and Sean Moriarty finished third in their final in a time of 4.59.

There were two Sudbury crews in the Masters F/G Double Sculls event. Jeremy Milbank and David Wasse finished fourth in the heat in 4.37. Mike Arnott and Keith Paxman finished third in the same heat in 4.32, which took them into the final, where again they finished third in 4.45.

The newly formed Womens Masters D double scull of Tracy Muir and Teresa Moriarty finished third in the final in a time of 5.16.

Womens Masters E Double Scull of Rosemary Hogsbjerg and Sarah Watts finished second in the final in a time of  5.07.

In their first race together the Womens Junior 15 double scull of Nell Belcher and Amelia Moule won their heat in a time of 4.58. They came second in the final in a time of 4.35.

Amelia Moule also raced in the Womens Junior 15 singles event. She finished second in her heat in 5.08, and third in the final  in 5.14.

Morgan Moriarty competed in the Junior 18 single scull event finishing fourth in the final in a time of 4.40.

Sam McCloughlin won his heat of the Junior 14 single sculls and finished third in the final in 4.44.

Sophie Brown entered the Womens Novice Sculls event. Sophie usually enters Adaptive Rowing events but these are few and far between. She rows with her arms only, on a seat which does not slide, but loves racing and is always ready for a challenge! She finished her heat in fourth place in a time of 7.05.

Womens Masters C single sculler Susie Moule finished second in the final in 5.15.

The only win of the day came from the Womens Masters B/C quad of Sarah Watts, Rosemary Hogsbjerg, Jenny Ward and SJ Gibbons, who had a very exciting race winning by one second in a time of 4.26.

Some excellent racing over the weekend with some very positive outcomes. The next event will be on 12th June at the National Masters Championships in Nottingham.

Susie Moule

Ball Cup 2016

Sudbury Rowing Club were well attended at the Ball Cup, which is specifically a junior event, held at the Olympic Rowing venue Dorney Lake, Eton.

Racing got underway early, the course was a 750 metre stretch of the lake racing over six lanes.

Conditions were good to start with but despite being dry with temperatures reaching 28 degrees, the wind strengthened during the day and conditions deteriorated, with some races being cancelled.

The Junior 18 double of Callum Power and Morgan Moriarty raced well to win bronze in their catagory. They also both raced in the J17 single scull event. Callum Power made it through to the final, just missing out on a second medal, finishing in fourth place.

The women’s junior 16 quad of Lily Blair Slater, Natasha Treagust, Emma Rogers and Amelia Moule, just missed out on a medal, finishing in fourth place.

They split into two doubles, Amelia Moule and Lily Blair Slater finished second in their heat of the women’s Junior 15 doubles, gaining them a place in the final where conditions were tough – they raced well and finished in fifth place. Natasha Treagust and Emma Rogers raced in the women’s Junior 16 doubles winning their heat and later going on to win the final and earning gold medals.

Another gold medal was won by Zoe Rogers and Victoria Burgess in the women’s Junior 18 doubles event.

There were two other doubles who raced, newly formed crew of Nell Belcher and Ella Whitbread raced in the the women’s junior 15 doubles and Shea Williams and Molly Whitbread had a good race in the Women’s Junior 18 Doubles. Neither crew made the final on thIs occasion, but have gained some valuable race experience.

Training continues for forthcoming events including National Schools Regatta at the end of May.

Susie Moule
Sudbury Rowing Club

Ball Cup

Vesta Veterans Head

Sudbury Rowing Club’s Men’s Masters entered the Veterans Head of the River Race from Mortlake to Putney Bridge, over 4 miles. The crew of Lee Adams, Paul Adams, Robin King, Tim Hysom, Keith Paxman, Mark Tyrie, Stephen Nichols, Paul Spencer and cox Lucy Keedy-Davies started 75th and raced the course along with 220 other crews from both the UK and around the world. They finished in a respectable 62nd place and 10th out of 28 in their age category.

With the winter head racing drawing to a conclusion the club will now start to focus on the summer regatta season. The traditional Easter Opening on Good Friday is the formal start of the regatta season – scratch crews will be competing in sprint races to win Easter Eggs and the Town Mayor will raise the club flag. New and old members are invited to attend the Easter festivities. Racing will start at approx. 9.00am with the flag being raised at about 11.30am.

The club are always keen to welcome both new and experienced rowers into the club and details can be found on the club website at

Susie Moule

Norwich Head Report (2016)

Eight crews from Sudbury Rowing Club attended the Norwich Head race on Saturday. Five crews raced over the long course of 4100m and three junior crews raced the short course of 2000m.

In the long course – morning division:

The Mens IM2 eight finished fourth in their category, in a time of 18.22.

Junior 18 single sculler Callum Power finished in a time of 21.04, four seconds behind the winner of his category.

The Womens IM2 coxless quad had an eventful race with some close encounters with their opposition. This was their first race as a crew and they finished in a time of 21.56.

The Womens Novice coxed four, also in their first race, finished in a time of 25.33.

In the short course:

The girls Junior 16 Double Scull of Amelia Moule and Emma Rogers had a flying start and kept up a good race pace finishing in a time of 8.56 – the fastest womens crew in this division.

Junior 16 Single Sculler Nick Scott also had a very good race, finishing first in his category in an excellent time of 8.16.

In the afternoon division Moule and Rogers teamed up with Lily Blair-Slater and Nell Belcher to compete in the Womens Novice coxless Quads. Again racing the 2000m course, the newly formed crew raced well to finish in a time of 9.07.

On the long course, the final crew of the day was the Masters D Double Scull, who finished in a time of 26.10.

Sudbury Rowing Club will be holding their Third Sudbury Head to Head race on 12th March.

Susie Moule

Club unveils new equipment !

Sudbury Councillors attended Sudbury Rowing Club on Saturday for the presentation of some new equipment which they helped to fund.

Colin Spence assisted with funds from his Suffolk County Council locality budget towards a new boat rack, John Sayers and Richard Kemp jointly assisted with the locality budgets towards a new set of rowing blades specifically for the junior and ladies squads.

The new equipment is essential for the development of the club as it has seen numbers steadily increase, especially in the Junior Squad.

Although there is regular interest from people who have little or no
knowledge of rowing and want to learn to row, the Club is also looking for ex-rowers who might be keen to come back to the sport – sculling or rowing, crew boats or singles – there is something on offer for everyone!

Please contact the Club Captain by email for any further information.

Pudding Races 2015

The Annual Pudding Races will be held on 19th December.

Please have a look at the poster attached and start planning your costumes!

There will be prizes for the best fancy dress as well as puddings for the winning crews.

Contributions of cakes or mince pies will be very welcome as well as help on the day.

Get in touch if you need more information.