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Ball Cup and other Events

Sudbury Rowing Club have had a busy few weeks, racing at various events.

Adaptive rowers Luke Payne And Sophie Brown competed at Henley-on-Thames and represented Sudbury Rowing Club in the Phyllis Court Regatta. Luke Payne took part in the Arms Only category and Sophie Brown in the Arms and Trunk category.

Jen Titterington has also been in action, competing at Wallingford Regatta, held at Eton Dorney. Weather conditions were particularly breezy and the 2000m six lane course was deemed too rough and dangerous which meant competitors had to race over a shorter distance of 1500m in a processional time trial style of racing. Titterington gained some valuable race experience in challenging conditions.

Sudbury Juniors were out in force at the Ball Cup Junior Regatta South at Eton Dorney, Olympic Venue. The course was raced over 750 metres and was over six lanes.

Junior 18 double scull of Byron Bullen and Callum Power won their heat taking them into the final where again they were successful earning a gold medal. Power also competed in the Junior 18 single scull event, winning his semi and finishing second in the final winning a silver medal to go with his gold.

Amelia Moule raced in the Junior 16 single sculls event winning her heat convincingly. In the final, Moule fought hard, finishing in second place silver medal position, 1 second behind the winner.

Sam McLoughlin had a very close win in his heat taking him into the final of the Junior 15 single sculls event where he eventually finished in third place earning a bronze medal.

The girls Junior 18 double scull of Julia Van Zyl and Lucy Edwards won their heat convincingly. In the final they managed third place – a bronze medal.

Junior 16 double scull of Henry Tullin and Byron Bullen made it into the final and finished in fifth place.

The girls Junior 15 double scull of Amelia Maskell and Martha Bullen had a very fast semi winning by four lengths. In the final they also finished in a very fast time – finishing in gold medal position.

Martha Bullen also rowed in the Junior 14 double sculls event with Helena Griffiths. They won their heat and came second in the final – silver medal position.

Owen Moriarty raced in his first regatta competing in the Junior 14 single sculls event. He rowed well finishing in fifth position, gaining some valuable race experience.

The girls Junior 18 quad scull of Emma Rogers, Julia Van Zyl, Lucy Edwards and Amelia Moule had a strong semi, finishing in second place. The final was a hard and very close race where Sudbury finished in silver medal position.

A very successful day for the junior squad with medals in 8 events – 2 gold, 4 silver and 2 bronze.

The next events will be at the Nottingham Masters Regatta and Peterborough Spring Regatta.

Susie Moule.

Juniors at the Ball Cup Junior Regatta with coaches Antony Moule and Tracy Muir.


Bedford Small Boats Head

Bedford Small Boats Head was another successful day out for members of Sudbury Rowing Club when they competed in the 2000 metre timed race.

Several crews won in various categories including Amelia Maskell and Martha Bullen who raced in, and won, the Girls Junior 16 Double Sculls event, closely followed by Amelia Moule and Nell Belcher in second place.

Another success came from the Ladies Junior 18 Quad Scull of Amelia Moule (stroke), Lucy Edwards, Julia van Zyl and Lucy Keedy-Davies (bow), who proved a strong combination and went on to win the Ladies Intermediate event (pictured).

Morgan Moriarty and Callum Power were the third junior win of the day in the Men’s Junior 18 Double Sculls category (pictured).

The Men’s Masters Quad Scull of Mike Arnott, Chris Jillings, Keith Paxman and Robin King also went on to win, in the Masters F event.

Jen Titterington won the Women’s Intermediate Single Sculls event and is showing some very good form.

Crews are producing some excellent results and the Winter training is really paying off. As the crews now adapt their race pace in preparation for the regatta racing season, focus is on side by side racing, shorter distances at higher stroke rate, and stamina and fitness are as important as ever.

Good Friday was the traditional Easter Opening at Sudbury Rowing Club – a tradition of over 70 years! Members young and old got together, forming crews for sprint races, cheered on by family and friends on Friars Meadow. After the racing, everybody gathered at the clubhouse where tradition continued with beer and hot cross buns and the Mayor of Sudbury raised the flag and officially opened the regatta season.

Susie Moule.

Masters Head of the River Race

Three crews from Sudbury Rowing Club competed in the Masters Head of the River race in London.

The course was from Hammersmith to Chiswick and conditions were sunny with a light breeze.

The men’s A crew of Rob Frost, Sean Moriarty, Chris Page, Kevin Fish, Austin Shaw, Robin King, Paul Adams, Lee Adams and Ellie Adams (cox) raced in the Masters C category, finishing 18th in their category, 100th out of 231 crews overall, in a time of 15 minutes and 7 seconds.

The men’s B crew of Alan Muir, Gregg Brown, Simon Coll, Keith Paxman, Paul Spencer, Jeremy Milbank, Adrian Ablitt, Stephen Nichols and Michelle Risby (cox) raced in the Masters E category, finishing 35th in their category and 171st overall, in a time of 15 minutes and 56 seconds.

The women’s Masters D crew of Nicola Porter-Vaughan, Tracy Muir, Linda Newbigging, Hannah Lodge, Teresa Moriarty, SJ Gibbons, Tricia McGrillen, Rosemary Hogsbjerg and Lucy Keedy-Davis (cox) finished 12th in their category and 199th overall, in a time of 16 minutes 15 seconds.

The next race will be the Bedford Small Boats Head, which will be the last Head race of the winter season.

Sudbury Rowing Club will hold its official opening of the season on Good Friday, where there will be racing from 11am followed by beer and hot cross buns at the clubhouse, and where the Mayor will raise the flag and declare the season open.

Susie Moule.

Men’s Masters C Crew


Back row – Mens Masters E Crew
Front row – Women’s Masters D Crew.


School’s Head of the River Race

Sudbury Rowing Club were represented at the Schools Head of the River Race on Thursday by Morgan Moriarty, Callum Power, Byron Bullen, Henry Tullin and Amelia Moule (cox), who raced in the Junior Coxed Fours catagory.

The 6.5km race from Mortlake to Putney was shortened to 2.5km due to very windy conditions which made the course  rough and challenging. Instead of the race taking approximately 20 minutes,  it turned into a much shorter race taking 5 minutes 46 seconds.

The crew handled the conditions very well and their cox steered a good course. They gained on the crew in front of them, overtaking them just before the finish.

Sudbury finished in 6th place out of 16 in their category, and in 115th overall out of a total of 350 crews.

There will be three Sudbury crews attending  the Masters Head of the River Race this weekend.

Susie Moule.

Women’s Head of the River Race

Sudbury Rowing Club had two ladies eights competing at the Women’s Head of the River Race on the Thames.

The course is four and a quarter miles long, starting at Mortlake and finishing at Putney, the same stretch of the Thames as the Oxford/Cambridge Boat Race. The Thames was unusually calm on the day of the race and both crews enjoyed the balmy Spring sunshine. In total, 320 crews competed from all over the country and also travelling from Europe.

The Sudbury B crew of Maria Vigneau, Nicola Porter-Vaughan, Mary-Jane Budd, Daisy Anderson, Angela Colclough, Rebecca Houghton, Tricia McGrillen, Asha Thobhani and Keith Paxman (Cox), rowed well in the perfect conditions, their cox encouraging them all the way and steering a very good course. They looked very neat, balancing the boat well and they finished in a time of 24 minutes and six seconds, 294th place overall.

The Sudbury A crew of Sophie Lovegrove, Catherine Smith, Katie Newbigging, Jen Titterington, Hannah Lodge, Susie Moule, Amelia Moule, Amy Bowles and SJ Gibbons (Cox) also made the most of the good conditions. They had a fast start, quickly gaining on the crew in front of them. Both crews wanted the best course and the fastest stream and some interesting steering made it very exciting for the spectators on Barnes bridge, but the Sudbury crew went for a push and overtook the London crew. After overtaking a second crew, the A crew went on to finish in 122nd place overall, in a time of 21 minutes and 1 second.

The Schools Head of the River Race will be held next week, followed by the Men’s Head of the River Race and the Masters Head of the River Race the following weekend.

Susie Moule.

Ladies crews at the Women’s Head of the River Race

Norwich Head

Sudbury Rowing Club attended the Norwich Head last weekend.

The last race before the Head of the River Races this month, eights and fours raced over a 5000 metre course and scullers and juniors raced over 2000 metres.

Sudbury had three ladies eights racing and two men’s eights, gaining good distance experience for the upcoming races on the Thames.

Winning crews at Norwich were Mike Arnott, winner of masters G single sculls and Callum Power who was the winner of Junior 18 single sculls.

Martha Bullen came second in her event (junior 14 single sculls) and managed to qualify to represent the East of England in the Inter-Regional Championships.

Also taking part in the East of England Junior Trials were Amelia Moule and Nell Belcher in the junior 16 doubles who finished second in their category, just losing out to Kings School Ely. Amelia Maskell and Lily Blair-Slater raced in the same event.

Sam McLoughlin, Byron Bullen, Morgan Moriarty and Lucy Keedy-Davies all competed in single sculls as did young sculler Owen Moriarty in his debut race, competing in the junior 14 single sculls event.

The junior coxed four of Callum Power, Morgan Moriarty, Byron Bullen, Henry Tullin and Amelia Moule (cox) also competed the long distance course and used the raced to gain experience for the Schools Head of the River Race which takes part on the Thames, also this month.

Two ladies eights from Sudbury will be travelling to London next weekend to race in the Women’s Head of the River Race along with over 300 other crews from all over the UK, as well as crews travelling from Germany, Switzerland and Italy.

Susie Moule.

Bedford Eights and Fours Head

Sudbury had a large turnout at Bedford Eights and Fours Head, racing over the 1950 metre course, which is one of the shorter distance winter head courses, and came away with 5 wins.

The Men’s Masters C eight of Lee Adams, Paul Adams, Robin King, Austin Shaw, Kevin Fish, Chris Page, Sean Moriarty, Rob Frost and Tricia McGrillen (cox) raced in a time of 7 minutes 23 seconds, winning their category.

The Men’s Masters E eight of Mike Arnott, Adrian Ablitt, Keith Paxman, Andrew Blit, Jeremy Milbank, Alan Muir, Pete Donovan, Tony Moule and Amelia Moule (cox) finished in a time of 7 minutes 30 seconds, finishing second in their category.

Also in a time of 7.30 was the Men’s Novice coxed four of Henry Tullin, Byron Bullen, Callum Power, Morgan Moriarty and Amelia Moule (cox), winning their category.

Sudbury had three women’s eights competing, the fastest of which was the Intermediate 8 of Amy Bowles, Amelia Moule, Susie Moule, Hannah Lodge, Jen Titterington, Katie Newbigging, Catherine Smith, Sophie Lovegrove and Helen Sharp (cox) who finished in a time of 7.42, winning their category, beating seven other crews.

Next was the Women’s Masters D eight of SJ Gibbons, Hannah Lodge, Rosemary Hogsbjerg, Teresa Moriarty, Sarah Watts, Linda Newbigging, Tracy Muir, Tricia McGrillen and Helen Sharp (cox) who also won their category in a time of 8.17.

The Women’s Int. 8 of Asha Thobhani, Tricia McGrillen, Rebecca Houghton, Linda Newbigging, Angela Colclough, Nicola Porter-Vaughan, Mary-Jane Budd, Maria Vigneau and Helen Sharp (cox) finished in a time of 8.38.

The Men’s Junior Quad of Callum Power, Henry Tullin, Byron Bullen and Morgan Moriarty finished in 7.12, third in their category.

The Ladies Junior Quad of Amy Bowles, Lucy Edwards, Nell Belcher and Amelia Moule finished in a time of 8.11.

The Ladies Intermediate Quad of Jen Titterington, Catherine Smith, Susie Moule and Asha Thobhani won their event, beating four other crews in a time of 8.24. Also in this category were Sophie Lovegrove, Catherine Smith, Jen Titterington and Asha Thobhani who finished in a time of 8.38.

The Ladies Masters D Quad of SJ Gibbons, Rosemary Hogsbjerg, Teresa Moriarty and Sarah Watts finished in a time of 8.51.

So with some good results, training continues in preparation for the Head of the River races in March. The next race will be Norwich Head this weekend.

Susie Moule

Winning Men’s Novice Coxed four of Morgan Moriarty, Callum Power, Byron Bullen, Henry Tullin and Amelia Moule (cox)

Men’s Masters E Eight at Bedford Head

British Indoor Rowing Championships

Ten members of the Sudbury Rowing Club junior squad traveled to the Olympic Velopark in London to compete in the British Indoor Rowing Championships.

It was quite a sight to see eighty ergometers set out with precision, filling the centre of the velodrome. Competitor ages ranged from 12 years to 89 years with each age group racing over a specific time or distance.

Callum Power raced in the Sixth Form Boys 2km event finishing in a time of 6 minutes and 46 seconds, 23rd place out of 49 competitors.

Amelia Moule and Nell Belcher competed in the Yr 11 Girls 6 minutes event. Out of 44 competitors, Amelia finished in 33rd place with a distance of 1419 metres. Nell finished in 40th position with 1390 metres.

In the Yr 11 Boys 6 mins event (41 entries), Byron Bullen finished in 18th position with 1670 metres. Henry Tullin finished in 30th position with 1584 metres.

In the Yr 10 Girls 5 mins event (58 entries), Amelia Maskell finished 22nd with 1226 metres and Jemima Savage finished 36th with 1182 metres.

In the Yr 9 Girls 4 mins event there were 60 competitors in all. Helena Griffiths finished in 23rd place with 938 metres. Martha Bullen finished in 5th place with an impressive 1045 metres.

The youngest to compete was Harry Moule in the Yr 7 Boys – 2 minutes event. Out of 20 competitors Harry finished in 5th place with 473 metres.

This was a great experience for the juniors and one of the rare occasions when they can compete at the same event as the GB Squad! A good day out with some excellent results.

Susie Moule.

Cambridge Winter Head

Cambridge Winter Head was well attended by Sudbury Rowing Club where they raced in various crews and combinations over five divisions, all raced over a distance of 2500 metres.

Sudbury had seven wins throughout the day, the fastest of which was the composite eight with University of Essex. Morgan Moriarty and Callum Power joined forces with the University crew and Amelia Moule coxed them to victory in a time of 9 minutes 18 seconds.

Next to win their category was the men’s Masters D 8+ of Lee Adams, Paul Adams, Stephen Nichols, Paul Spencer, Austin Shaw, Mark Tyrie, Kevin Fish, Keith Paxman and Helen Sharp (cox) in a time of 9.51 (handicapped to 9.21).

The men’s IM3 quad scull of Callum Power, Morgan Moriarty, Shyam Thobhani, and Tom Horton raced for the first time in this combination and won the event by 21 seconds in a time of 9.34.

The men’s Masters D coxed four of Lee Adams, Paul Adams, Sean Moriarty, Keith Paxman and Michelle Risby (cox) finished second in their category in a time of 11.04 (handicapped to 10.31), eight seconds behind the winners. Also in that category, finishing 3rd in a time of 11.17 (handicapped to 10.44) were Stephen Nichols, Mark Tyrie, Austin Shaw, Paul Spencer, Michelle Risby (cox). Finishing fourth in the same category were Sean Moriarty, Pete Donovan, Kevin Fish, Alan Muir and Michelle Risby (cox) in a time of 11.19 (handicapped to 10.46).

The men’s Novice coxed quad of Sam McLoughlin, Shyam Thobhani, Byron Bullen, Gareth Moriarty and Morgan Moriarty (cox) won their event in a time of 10.41.

The women’s IM3 Quad scull of Jen Titterington, Catherine Smith, Vicky Hayton and Amelia Moule won their event in a time of 11.04. Also in that event were Sarah Watts, SJ Gibbons, Rosemary Hogsbjerg and Teresa Moriarty who finished in 11.55. They also raced in the women’s Masters C quad sculls finishing in a time of 12.30 (handicapped to 12.11).

The women’s IM3 eight finished in a time of 11.08.

The women’s Junior 16 quad sculls of Amelia Moule, Nell Belcher, Lily Blair-Slater and Amelia Maskell won their event by one and a half minutes in a time of 11.15.

The newly formed women’s junior 15 coxed quad of Martha Bullen, Olivia Larkin, Ella Keep, Helena Griffiths and Amelia Moule (cox) won their event in 12.34, two minutes ahead of their opposition.

Some outstanding results and very convincing wins for the club.

Susie Moule.

Some of the winning juniors at Cambridge Winter Head: