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Cambridge Winter Head

Cambridge Winter Head was well attended by Sudbury Rowing Club where they raced in various crews and combinations over five divisions, all raced over a distance of 2500 metres.

Sudbury had seven wins throughout the day, the fastest of which was the composite eight with University of Essex. Morgan Moriarty and Callum Power joined forces with the University crew and Amelia Moule coxed them to victory in a time of 9 minutes 18 seconds.

Next to win their category was the men’s Masters D 8+ of Lee Adams, Paul Adams, Stephen Nichols, Paul Spencer, Austin Shaw, Mark Tyrie, Kevin Fish, Keith Paxman and Helen Sharp (cox) in a time of 9.51 (handicapped to 9.21).

The men’s IM3 quad scull of Callum Power, Morgan Moriarty, Shyam Thobhani, and Tom Horton raced for the first time in this combination and won the event by 21 seconds in a time of 9.34.

The men’s Masters D coxed four of Lee Adams, Paul Adams, Sean Moriarty, Keith Paxman and Michelle Risby (cox) finished second in their category in a time of 11.04 (handicapped to 10.31), eight seconds behind the winners. Also in that category, finishing 3rd in a time of 11.17 (handicapped to 10.44) were Stephen Nichols, Mark Tyrie, Austin Shaw, Paul Spencer, Michelle Risby (cox). Finishing fourth in the same category were Sean Moriarty, Pete Donovan, Kevin Fish, Alan Muir and Michelle Risby (cox) in a time of 11.19 (handicapped to 10.46).

The men’s Novice coxed quad of Sam McLoughlin, Shyam Thobhani, Byron Bullen, Gareth Moriarty and Morgan Moriarty (cox) won their event in a time of 10.41.

The women’s IM3 Quad scull of Jen Titterington, Catherine Smith, Vicky Hayton and Amelia Moule won their event in a time of 11.04. Also in that event were Sarah Watts, SJ Gibbons, Rosemary Hogsbjerg and Teresa Moriarty who finished in 11.55. They also raced in the women’s Masters C quad sculls finishing in a time of 12.30 (handicapped to 12.11).

The women’s IM3 eight finished in a time of 11.08.

The women’s Junior 16 quad sculls of Amelia Moule, Nell Belcher, Lily Blair-Slater and Amelia Maskell won their event by one and a half minutes in a time of 11.15.

The newly formed women’s junior 15 coxed quad of Martha Bullen, Olivia Larkin, Ella Keep, Helena Griffiths and Amelia Moule (cox) won their event in 12.34, two minutes ahead of their opposition.

Some outstanding results and very convincing wins for the club.

Susie Moule.

Some of the winning juniors at Cambridge Winter Head:


Norwich Long Distance Sculls (2016)

Sudbury Rowing Club had a number of crews entered and seven wins throughout the day in the Norfolk Sculls event where weather conditions were perfect.

The short course was 2100 metres and is predominantly for juniors and novice crews. Sudbury had two winning crews over this distance, the first being the women’s junior 17 double scull of Natasha Treagust and Amelia Moule who were the fastest double in a time of 9 minutes 10 seconds. Martha Bullen also won her event, women’s junior 15 single scull where she raced up an age group. She finished in a time of 10 minutes 52 seconds.

There were five more wins in the long distance event covering 4200 metres. In a time of 17 minutes 7 seconds, Steve Zimmerman was the fastest single sculler, also winning his event – masters B single sculls. Callum Power was next to finish, winning the Junior 18 single sculls event in 17 minutes 25 seconds. The Masters G single event was won by Brendan Sullivan in a time of 19 minutes 6 seconds.

Later in the day conditions deteriorated slightly and slower times were recorded. Callum Power and Steve Zimmerman teamed up to race in the IM3 double sculls, adding to their success and finishing in a time of 16 minutes 30 seconds. The last win of the day was Amelia Moule in the women’s Junior 16 single sculls in a time of 21 minutes 12 seconds, claiming her second win of the day.

The next event for Sudbury Rowing Club will be at the Cambridge Winter Head in a couple of weeks where some new crew combinations will be competing.

Susie Moule.

Steve Zimmerman fastest sculler and winner of Masters B single scull at Norfolk Sculls.


Natasha Treagust and Amelia Moule winners of Women’s Junior 17 double sculls at Norfolk Sculls.


Bedford Head (2016)

Bedford Autumn Fours and Small Boats Head was well attended by Sudbury Rowing Club last weekend.

Crews raced over the 2000 metre course on a time trial basis with boats starting the racing at 15 second intervals.

There were two wins, the first one being the Mens Masters C coxed four of Lee Adams, Mark Tyrie, Stephen Nichols, Rob Frost and Helen Sharp (cox) in a time of 7 minutes 37 seconds. The second win was the new combination of Tracy Muir and Teresa Moriarty in the Womens Masters D double sculls in a time of 9 minutes and 13 seconds.

There were some promising results for the juniors and a stand out performance from Sam McLoughlin in the Junior 15 Sculls where he finished in third place out of an entry of 46 scullers. A time of 8 minutes 50 seconds was recorded.

There were also some debut races for some scullers, Sean Moriarty competed in his first sculling race in the Mens Novice Sculls event and finished in a time of 9 minutes and 51 seconds. In the same event, Shyam Thobhani had his first sculling race and finished in a time of 8 minutes and 58 seconds. Jen Titterington raced in the Womens IM3 Sculls event and finished in a time of 9 minutes and 48 seconds.

Some good performances throughout the day and with some benchmark scores now recorded, training will continue to improve the results at the next event.

Susie Moule.