The Scullers Head

Three members from Sudbury Rowing Club took part in the Scullers Head of the River Race on the River Thames at the weekend.

It was the first time that any of them had competed in the event – which included over 500 scullers from all over the country as well as overseas.

Scullers have to be over 16 years old and have significant experience to compete, as the Thames can be gruelling on a bad day.

The four mile stretch of the Thames is a difficult course to navigate for scullers as the stream, tide and weather conditions are changing constantly.

Fastest out of the three Sudbury scullers was Byron Bullen, who had a very strong row, steering well and finishing in a time of 20 minutes 40 seconds, competing in the Men’s Junior 17 category.

Jen Titterington finished in an excellent, category winning time of 21 minutes 11 seconds, beating 8 other scullers in the Senior Women’s event.

Amelia Moule raced in the Women’s Junior 17 category, again having a superb race and finishing in a time of 22 minutes 3 seconds.

All three scullers enjoyed the race experience and felt a sense of achievement in completing one of the country’s biggest sculling events.

The next event will be the British Rowing Indoor Championships.

Susie Moule.

Amelia Moule, Byron Bullen and Jen Titterington – winner of Senior Women’s category.

Cambridge Winter Head

Sudbury Rowing Club competed at the Cambridge Winter Head, racing over a distance of 2500 metres.

Weather conditions were dry but breezy and the course had some challenging bends, especially for the coxless crews.

The club had three triumphant crews on the day – the first being the Women’s Junior 17 coxed quad of Martha Bullen, Freya Evans, Helena Griffiths, Jemima Savage and Amelia Moule (cox) who won their event in a time of 11.33.

In the Women’s Junior 18 coxless quad were Amelia Moule, Tilly Barnard, Freya Evans and Amelia Maskell who also won their event in a time of 10.53.

The crew swapped Freya Evans for Martha Bullen to then compete in the Women’s Intermediate coxless quad category, winning again in a time of 10.35.

Harry Moule was also successful on the day by coxing a crew from Essex University to victory.

Other Sudbury crews to race included a Men’s coxed four of Henry Tullin, Byron Bullen, Sam McLoughlin, Gareth Moriarty and Harry Moule (cox), who finished third in their category in 10.35.

The same same crew also raced in the Men’s coxless quads category, finishing second in a time of 9.48.

The Men’s coxed four of Paul Adams, Mike Arnott, Tim Hysom, Stephen Nichols and Helen Sharp (cox) finished in a time of 10.04, second in the Masters event. They raced again in the Men’s Intermediate category finishing third in a time of 10.36.

The Women’s coxless quad of Jen Ward, Linda Newbigging, Tricia Fincham and Mary-Jane Budd finished in a time of 11.59.

The next event will be the Scullers Head of the River Race on the Thames, followed by the British Rowing Indoor Championships.

Club members will then have some festive fun at their own Pudding Races – scratch racing in Christmas fancy dress, followed by seasonal refreshments.

Susie Moule.

Amelia Moule, Tilly Barnard, Freya Evans, Amelia Maskell.

Jemima Savage, Helena Griffiths, Freya Evans, Martha Bullen, Amelia Moule (cox)

Heads we win !

More success for Sudbury Rowing Club when they attended Norfolk Long Distance Sculls and Huntingdon Head.

Norwich Head has four divisions, 2 short – 2100 metres and 2 long distance – 4100 metres.

All the wins came from junior crews and firstly in the long distance division, the newly formed Women’s Junior 18 coxed four of Amelia Maskell, Julia van Zyl, Tilly Barnard, Amelia Moule and Harry Moule (cox) raced in the Women’s category, finishing in a time of 19 minutes and 22 seconds, a minute ahead of their competition.

Also in the long distance division was the Women’s Junior 17 double scull of Amelia Maskell and Amelia Moule who won the event in a time of 19 minutes and 41 seconds.

Next was Martha Bullen who competed in the Women’s single sculls event over the short distance course. Martha finished in a time of 11 minutes and 38 seconds.

Helena Griffiths made her debut appearance in the Junior 15 single sculls event, finishing in a time of 13 minutes and 11 seconds (short division).

Byron Bullen had a good race in the Junior 17 single sculls event (short course). He finished an impressive second in the category in a time of 11 minutes and 2 seconds.

Also racing the long course were Jen Titterington and Bev Goodchild – 18.18, Byron Bullen and Henry Tullin – 18.24, Tracy Muir – 23.19, Tilly Barnard and Julia van Zyl – 22.19, Jen Titterington – 20.27 and Jeremy Milbank – 23.25.

Two crews won at the Huntingdon Head, raced over a distance of 4km.

The Men’s Masters C coxed four of Lee Adams, Tim Hysom, Stephen Nichols, Paul Adams and Helen Sharp (cox) won their event in a time of 15 minutes 38 seconds.

Mike Arnott competed in the Men’s Masters G single sculls event winning in a time of 19 minutes 34 seconds.

The next event will be the Cambridge Winter Head.

Susie Moule.

Pairs Head of the River Race

Jen Titterington and Bev Goodchild (Ipswich RC) raced on the Thames on 14th Oct in the Pairs Head of the River Race.

They won a National class pennant in their event, Womens Club double sculls, winning by a massive 17 seconds, ahead of 11 other crews in their category.

They finished in a time of 15 minutes and 30 seconds, an overall 221st out of 480 crews.

They were presented with their prizes at a special presentation in London, by double Olympic oarsman George Nash MBE.

Annual Dinner and Other Stories

Annual Dinner

Sudbury Rowing Club held their annual dinner and presentation evening where the Chairman introduced the nominees for the various awards, the year was reviewed in song by the captain and the list of club wins was celebrated.

Awards went to :
Jen Titterington – Senior Award
Martha Bullen – Junior Award
Angela Colclough – Stour Shield
Amelia Moule – Andrew Foster Award for Sculling
Nicola and Colin Swift – Best in Regatta award
Amelia Maskell – Most Improved
Hannah Lodge – Special Award

Bedford Small Boats Head

A number of members attended the Bedford Small Boats Head where various crews raced over the 2000 metre course.

Winning crews were Amelia Maskell and Martha Bullen in the Junior 16 double sculls, Masters E double scull of Simon White and Robin King, and Jen Titterington won the Women’s Open single sculls event.

Other crews racing were Jen Titterington and Sophie Lovegrove in the Women’s double sculls, who finished fifth in their event. Henry Tullin, Gareth Moriarty, Sam McLoughlin, Byron Bullen and Harry Moule (cox) raced in the Men’s Open coxed fours event, finishing fifth and ahead of another Sudbury crew of Sean Moriarty, Gregg Brown, Kevin Fish, Pete Donovan and Michelle Risby (cox).

Robin King, Simon White, Andrew Blit, Paul Spencer and Holly Adams (cox) raced in the Men’s Masters E/F coxed fours. Lee Adams, Paul Adams, Stephen Nichols, Tim Hysom and Helen Sharp (cox) competed in the Men’s Masters C/D coxed fours event, finishing two seconds behind the winning crew.

Keith Paxman and Mike Arnott competed in the Masters E/G double sculls, with Alan Muir and Sean Moriarty in the same event.

Women’s Masters C/D double scull Teresa Moriarty and Tracy Muir.

Rosemary Hogsbjerg and Sarah Stirling raced in the Women’s Masters E/F double sculls event.

Owen Moriarty raced in the Junior 15 single sculls category, Amelia Moule raced in the Women’s Junior 17 single sculls and Tracy Muir raced in the Women’s Masters D single event.

Sophie Brown completed a shorter distance in the Adaptive category.


Sudbury Rowing Club will hold their Annual General Meeting on the 19th October at 7.30pm at their Clubhouse in Quay Lane where a new committee will be elected.

Amelia Maskell, Jen Titterington, Amelia Moule, Hannah Lodge, Martha Bullen with their awards at the Sudbury Rowing Club Annual Dinner.


Slipway Refurbishment

Sudbury Rowing Club has recently undertaken the refurbishment of their boating slipway.

After more than 50 years, the old one had become cracked, dangerous and no longer fit for purpose. The repair has made the boating area safer for all members and also gave the club the opportunity to make access to the water for rowers with disabilities easier, particularly for athletes in wheelchairs.

Work was carried out by Gunite Solutions Ltd, who are concrete specialists, and Sudbury Rowing Club Facilities Manager, Hannah Lodge, oversaw the project.

The new slipway was used earlier this month by participants in the annual “Sudbury to the Sea” event who boated their canoes, kayaks and paddle boards.

A large amount of money came from club funds which had been saved over the past few years to help pay for the maintenance of club facilities. Angela Colclough, Fundraising Officer, has worked hard during this year to secure grants from various sources to assist the funding and which has subsequently allowed the club to carry out the repair work.

Special thanks goes to: Awards for All Big Lottery Fund, Babergh District Council, Ganzoni Charitable Fund and Geoffrey Burton Charitable Trust.

There was also funding from two Suffolk County Councillors, Richard Kemp and Colin Spence, who kindly donated money from their Locality Budget.

The club is very grateful to the above mentioned for all their support and without their generous funding the project could not have been completed.

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