Cambridge Winter League

Leg 1


A large club contingent across a wide spectrum of boat types. It was good to see that Novice Ladies get racing again, looking stronger than they had at Maidstone. The Juniors once again formed the backbone to the squad with Jenny yet again excelling. The Novice men had storming races in their 4 and 8, close to the front of their field and Sam & Aidan yet again showed their silky skills in the pair. The Club is very grateful to Cooney for towing, once more and to Aidan and Sam for helping run the awayday.

Legs 2 and 3

February and March Respectively

Having put ourselves in contention for 4 events and it was, in the end, a little disappointing to come away with only the 1 sets of their new glass-bottomed tankards. Congratulations to the Novice Ladies who took the precaution of being so far in front after 2 legs that they could afford a significant mishap in leg 3 and still win by a good distance. A storming row from Jenny and Paul in Leg 2 put the mixed double in contention from an unlikely position and the Novice mens 8 were 10th in the entire event which is laudable in itself. They were perhaps unfortunate to find that Cambridge 99s group had progressed between legs 2 and 3 a great deal. It is also a demonstration that moving from macons to cleavers does not guarantee any change in speed.