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Captain’s Update

Here we are in mid Regatta season with a busy few weeks ahead so I thought it was time for another update. We actually have a summer this year and lots of rowing opportunities

Please read it as some will apply to you as a member of the club.

Women’s Henley Regatta

Sophie represented Sudbury RC at Women’s Henley in the inaugural Adaptive race and won the event! Congratulations to Sophie for a fantastic achievement and reward for her continuous training. Every weekend Sophie is one of the first boats on the water and last off. Congratulations too to Tony Hogsbjerg who also won a medal as coach, also to Sam and Becky for their support.

Other Recent Events

Over recent weeks we have been to the Ball Cup, Masters Championships, Peterborough Spring and Bedford Quarts with some really good wins and medals.

For the first time we entered three crews at Henley Veterans and although we could not post a win each of them did us proud on the day.

Care on the River

With so many boats on the river at weekends and evenings we have to be ever more careful to make sure we are on the right side of the river and that we check that no-one ahead is on the wrong side – it’s the job of cox, bow and single scullers to make sure of both.

We have recently suffered two accidents with some significant damage to two of our best boats in one of them.

So please:

  • Check who else is out on the river
  • Keep a regular check ahead – two closing boats will cover 100m in 5 strokes each
  • Make sure you are close to your bank and don’t be afraid to stop – you will only lose a few seconds
  • Arrange to go in convoy with other boats
  • Mentally check each boat going in the opposite direction and where you expect to meet them – and don’t forget someone else might now be on the river
  • Report any incidents or damage to your VC or the Captain
  • Finally no matter what your level or experience you still need to do these simple things – many of our incidents do in fact involve our more experienced rowers.


I have received a letter of complaint from the Secretary of Sudbury Angling Club to which I have replied. I know it is difficult to avoid collision as described in the previous paragraph and also the anglers too. But can you please all do your best to note where anglers are positioned – usually on the Suffolk bank and to keep as well clear as possible. Can you also ensure that if stopping for a rest, chat or to prepare for a piece we do this away from any anglers although we will still need to turn at each end. As ever we should be pleasant and polite to our fellow river users.

If you do have any incidents can you please let me know.

New Boats

We have recently purchased two new Edon stable singles. These are aimed at LTR and Novice scullers but available to anyone who would like a stable single experience. If you do use one please make sure you are able to use the rigger fixings correctly – ask for guidance if you need it.

We have also been the left a beneficiary by a former stalwart member and Vice President June King who died recently. June was instrumental in starting ladies rowing at the club and has been a good friend of SRC for many years. We have decided to buy a new Wintech Double similar to ‘Faith’ with this legacy and June’s relatives will be joining us for a naming ceremony in the autumn.

Finally we have had use of the HG Pair for some months and have now decided to purchase it.

As ever please treat these delicate boats with care.

Future Rowing Events

We have lots of events coming up and opportunities for all of us to race.

We will need to make the entries over the next week for our own Regatta so please speak to your Vice Captain to discuss your availability or entries.

Lee Adams is Regatta Secretary and needs lots of support before, during and after the Regatta – please look out for his mails and give him all the help you can. For our new members Sudbury Regatta is a great day for members, family and guests!

Upcoming Events:

  • 20-21 July British Rowing Junior Champs
  • 27-28 July St Neots
  • 3 August Sudbury International Regatta
  • 10-11 August Peterborough Summer
  • 15-18 August ZeZere Rowing Tour Portugal
  • 1 September Gt Ouse Marathon
  • 8 September Cambridge Autumn
  • 15 September Boston Marathon
  • Annual Dinner and Dance 5 October 2013 – more information nearer the time

That’s all for now.

Good luck, enjoy the weather and don’t forget the sun cream, hat and insect repellent

Keith Paxman


Sudbury Triumphs in Early Regatta Season

Sudbury crews left last weekend’s Peterborough Regatta with an extremely impressive total of seven category wins. Raced on a 1000 metre multi-lane course over two days, Peterborough is one of the region’s most competitive regattas.

Rowing - Peterboro 2013-new

Sudbury’s mens’ Masters C eight faced some of the toughest of that competition from St Ives but pushed away under the stewardship of cox, Ellie Adams, to achieve a secure victory.

New pairing, Pippa Kerry and Bryony Dixon raced in the IM3 doubles and won their heat easily before achieving a convincing first win in the final.

In the IM2 pairs, Lee Adams and Rob Frost, fresh from their performance in the eight, managed a narrow but skillful win over a Peterborough crew.

Also from the eight, brothers Paul and Lee Adams raced with John Bowles and Paul Sant in the Masters C fours, coxed by Ella Hysom. Despite an unfortunate start, the crew met coach Tony Hogsbjerg’s predictions and rowed past multiple crews to success and another win.

Junior crews too staged encouraging performances: Ellie Adams managed a tight first place in her J15 singles race while Molly Shaw comfortably continued a winning streak in her composite J16 double with City of Cambridge sculler, Amy Bland. New to pair racing, Alex Blackman and Tom Bowles raced well and powered to victory.

Several other Sudbury entrants achieved podium placements and heat victories.

This pattern of success follows exceptional performances from Sudbury crews at the national regattas. The Men’s Masters B pair of David Bull and Sam Hogsbjerg and mixed masters double of Pippa Kerry and Jeremy Milbank both won silver in their respective categories at the National Masters Regatta in Nottingham.

In the National Schools regatta, Katherine Insull, doubling with Maddie Badcott from Lea Rowing club won the Championship Girls double, beating 30 other competitors.

Sudbury Juniors Dominate Olympic Course

Five Sudbury junior crews raced at Dorney Lake, site of the Olympic Rowing event, in the Ball Cup Regatta. The club secured two silver medals and a bronze despite conditions rather unlike those of the Constablesque idyll of its home water.

Rowing 944

The Ball Cup is competed by small schools and the junior contingents of rowing clubs over a 750 metre course at Eton Dorney, a course plagued by its crosswind.

In the women’s J15 singles category, Sudbury’s Ellie Adams achieved the fastest time of all the seventeen entrants but was beaten in the final, leaving with a highly creditable silver medal.

Young sculler Nick Scott experienced some of the strongest winds of the day in his J13 singles category: passing through his heat and into a final, in which he finished a close third.

Competing in the difficult first fours category, George Cook, Alex Blackman, George Jackson and Patrick King were coxed by Amy Bowles to an extremely closely fought fifth place.

Tom Bowles’s good start in the J17 singles turned to disappointment when the winds interrupted his race and demanded evasive steering.

George Cook, Tom Bowles and Alex Blackman were joined by 14-year-old Ellie Adams in what proved to be a popular crew in the J18 coxless quads category. Aware that their comparative youth and uniquely mixed status would potentially place them at a disadvantage, the Sudbury scullers made an unprecedented high-rate push at the 250 metre marker. An obvious underdog, the crew was powered over the last third by the crowds, finishing unexpectedly with a comfortable silver.

Captain’s Update


Spring is officially her although it seems well disguised as winter. We are though turning our thoughts from winter training towards warmer days and lighter evenings. This update looks ahead to the next few months and reflects on some of our achievements of the last few months.

Please read it as some will apply to you as a member of the club.

Easter Opening

This is a reminder that good Friday is traditionally when we mark the opening of the Rowing Season. The racing is open to all members with the traditional Easter Egg prize for the winning team. If you would like to row on the day can you please let your Vice Captain know before Wednesday 27 March to ease organisation. The plan is as follows:

  • 8.00                             Arrive and ready to boat
  • 08.15                           Team Selection
  • 09:00 – 10:30              Racing
  • 10:45                           Refreshments
  • 11:30                           Opening Ceremony with the Mayor of Sudbury

Please invite relations and friends to join us. There will be the usual beer and hot cross buns as well as other refreshments and this year Sainsbury’s is sponsoring the refreshments and prizes. Please note that the Sudbury Fun Run will mean that roads through and around Sudbury will be closed between 9-10 am.

Learn to Row

Pippa has been working hard to introduce potential new members to the club with some taster sessions. These will now be followed by our next Learn to Row Course which will be starting on Saturday 6th April at 12.30 and will run for 6 weeks. These courses are a key means by which we can bring new members into the club and are also a source of income. For them to run smoothly requires at least 4 members to be present and volunteers are needed for each session. Don’t worry if you are not sure about your coaching skills – you know more than you think you do and your help is invaluable.

Can you please contact Pippa to let her know that you can assist her with your vital support – 

Head of the River Races

This year we had the potential for five crews at the HORR and we started off well with our first ever entry into the Schools Head. Our juniors boated 10th in the event and were surrounded by other more experienced and mainly older crews and they did themselves and the club proud finishing 96th overall. Congratulations to Bob Howard for his coaching through the winter with support from Tim Baldwin and Rob Frost.

Our Ladies crew have been training hard since the autumn with Andrew Blit as coach and winning at Norwich Head. After a difficult start they came 207th overall and we have huge potential for success as we move towards the Regatta season.

Unfortunately the weather hit the HORR this weekend and our Men’s, U17 and Vets Crews have been disappointed not to be able to compete but can reflect that a solid winters training can now be carried into events in the coming season.

Dates for Your Diary

Here are some dates that you should put in your diary:


  • Quiz Night 18 May 2013 – further details soon
  • Annual Dinner and Dance 5 October 2013 – more information nearer the time

Learn to Row

  • 6th April – 11 May 12.30 – 14.30 – please confirm you are available to help with Pippa

Rowing Events

Note these are events we are currently planning to enter or are notable rowing events we should aspire to enter at least one crew. We may attend others as the season progresses. Speak to your Vice Captain to discuss entries.

  • 14th April – Bedford 4’s and Small Boats Head – entries urgently needed to ensure a place
  • 5 May Wallingford Regatta Dorney Lake
  • 19 May British Masters – Nottingham
  • 1-2 June Peterborough Spring
  • 21-23 June Womens Henley
  • 28 June Henley Qualifiers
  • 3-7 July Royal Henley
  • 12-13 July Henley Masters
  • 14 July Bedford Quarts
  • 20-21 July British Rowing Junior Champs
  • 27-28 July St Neots
  • 3 August Sudbury International Regatta
  • 10-11 August Peterborough Summer
  • 15-18 August ZeZere Rowing Tour Portugal
  • 1 September Gt Ouse Marathon
  • 8 September Cambridge Autumn
  • 15 September Boston Marathon

Evening Rowing

With the evenings getting lighter and the clocks changing over Easter weekend we will start evening sessions from the week commencing 8th April.

We found last year that crews were training most nights of the week so we will no longer have an evening when there is a Duty person. This means we have to set a few rules.
If you are planning to row during an evening you must notify your VC and book a boat with times. If you are not at the club 15 minutes after your booked time then another crew can use the boat.

Respect other river users – during the summer we have to share evenings with Sea Scouts, canoeists and anglers. Development crews must arrange outings with their VC and there must be a senior member coxing or present. Juniors can only go on the water by arrangement with a VC or Coach and if a senior member is present. Exceptions are if the VC and Club Captain have formal notification from a parent authorising unsupervised boating. We will not be allocating specific evenings for squad priority however Wednesday is usually the evening most used by Juniors and the river is busy. Any incidents or damage must be reported – this is not about blame it’s so we can ensure any damage is dealt with and we learn from the incident.

Boat Handling and Safety

Our boats are both expensive and delicate and they are most likely to be damaged when handling them on and off the water; in and out of the boathouse and racks and on and off the trailer. Please think about the following to save unnecessary damage and injury
Make sure that the cox or a crew member gives clear instructions – and make sure each crew member is switched on and listening.

Ensure that the crew is capable of handling the boat – don’t be afraid to ask for help
Before lifting ensure that the way is clear and that trestles or racks are prepared
Put the boats on racks after outings even if they are going to be used in a later session
Take care when turning boats on land – check both bows and stern to ensure there is enough clearance.

Make sure that you have a plan when placing the boats on the trailer – particularly the top section and make sure they are properly strapped down. Always strap boats on outside racks.

That’s all for now.

Let’s look forward to a successful season ahead and some warmer weather


Head to Head Results




Mas B 8 Alan David B, Paul A, Stuart D, Sam H, Austin S, Paul S, John B, Lee A David W 07:12.0
Mas D ? 8 Chris Paul A, Lee A, John B, Stuart D, Mike A, Keith P,Andrew B, Jeremy M Daisy 07:32.2
J 8 Chris Pat, Jamie, Will, George J, Alex, Tom, Toby, George Holly 07:36.0
J 8 Chris Pat, Jamie, Will, George J, Alex, Tom, Toby, George Holly 07:50.0
Mx 8 Nigel Jen, Kim, Delphine,Pippa, Ed B, Tim B, Graham M, Keith P Andrew 07:59.0
Mas B 4 Jack Austin S, John B, David B, Sam H, Simon W 08:12.0
Mas F 2 Jacko Jeremy M, David W 08:23.0
Mas B 4 HG Lee A, Paul A, Stuart D, Paul S Ellie 08:27.0
J 4 Boys 08:42.2
Mas B 8 Nigel Annalie, Clare, Hayley, Nathan, Tracy, David, James, Jeremy Pippa 09:06.6
Open 1 Legend 09:08.2
W 8 Alan Angela T, Delphine, Jen, Kim, Louise, Pippa, Tricia, Jo Becky 09:21.0
Mx 8 Nigel Annalie, Clare, Hayley, David, James, Jeremy, Tracy, Dan Keith 09:27.0
Mas F 1 Own Mike A 09:28.0
Mas D 1 Own Simon W 09:30.0
Open 4 Dunning Alex, David, James, Nathan Giles 09:59.0
WJ 1 Ellie 10:05.0
Mas Nov 2 Sims Neil I, Tim B 10:36.0
W 4 Leslie A Analie, Clare, Hayley, Jo Tricia 10:55.0
Mx 4 Harry Angela T, Tracy, Jermy, Mark Becky 11:01.0
Open 1 Green Scull? Nathan (devt) 13:20.0
TA 1 Sophie 13:31.0
TA 1 Hope Sophie 13:44.0
TA 1 Hope Sophie 14:18.0

Let’s Get Quizzical

Dear All

Happy New Year to everyone and hope you have all had a lovely Christmas

Please see below details regarding the Quiz Night on Saturday 19th January. This was a very popular event last year and numbers are limited so please let us know as soon as possible if you would like to come.

Do not worry if you do not have a team of 6 as we can put people together to make a team if required.

There will be a prize for the best dressed or themed table such as James Bond, Floral, a certain colour or even a foreign country. The choice is yours.

Please bring your own alcohol but to help the club please purchase any soft drinks from us on the night.

Thanks and hope you’re all feeling super intelligent

Emma and Jeanette


  • Saturday 19 January 2013, 1830
  • Sudbury Scout Hut, Quay Lane
  • Teams of 6
  • Soft drinks available. Bring your own alcohol.
  • £10 each, including dinner

For more details, contact Emma and Jeanette Adams on .

Head to Head

Saturday 12 January 2013

Kick off the year with a Head to Head on the Stour. Racing over 2K with 1400m downstream a fast spin followed by 600m upstream. Three divisions at 8.30, 10.30, 12.30. Boating half an hour before the start of the division.

Bring the family to watch, refreshments will be available at the clubhouse.

Captain’s Update


Another rowing year has ended with the recent AGM and a new one is now under way. This newsletter is to keep you up to date with what is happening at the club as well as our plans for the next few weeks.

Vice Captains

Firstly though a big thanks to Katherine Cass and Sam Hogsbjerg who were VCs last year and decided not to stand for re-election. They have both contributed a huge amount to the club and I am sure will continue to do so.

The new Vice Captains are:

  • Tim Hysom – Mens Squad
  • Tricia McGrillen – Ladies Squad
  • Rob Frost – Junior Squad
  • Pippa Kerry – LTR and Development Squad

It will make their task much easier if you can let them know your availability for training and events in good time. If you have any queries or issues about rowing matters please speak to your VC or anyone on the Rowing Committee

Rowing Committee

The Rowing Committee meets monthly and comprises the VCs plus:

  • Mike Arnott – Coaches
  • Ellie Adams – Coxes
  • John Bowles – Boat Maintenance
  • Ella Hysom, Molly Shaw – Juniors

We have the responsibility for all things rowing including boat purchases and maintenance, training planning and organisation and club attendance at events.

We have recently purchased a new heavyweight single which will mean that some of our taller members will find sculling a little easier. We are planning to purchase a heavyweight 4+ in the coming months and we have also applied for a British Rowing grant which will help to part fund some more singles and doubles aimed for use by LTR and novice members. Also on our list are some more sweep and sculling blades.

We are seeking for more members to attend coaching events. If you are interested in formalising your coaching skills please contact a VC. We are able to provide support to cover costs.

New Members

A very warm welcome to all of our new experienced and LTR members who have joined in recent weeks. I hope you all feel part of the club and know you can ask if you are not sure about anything.

We had very successful evening when 26 new members attended a recent capsize drill at Sudbury Kingfisher. Everyone who attended was successful. We are planning another session in February for those who have not yet completed the drill.

GB Trials

After success at the J18 Category of the Scullers Head which Katherine Insull won with her teammate from Lea Rowing Club Maddie Badcott she attended the National Junior Trials. Katherine came 9th in the selection and will be asked to go to further trials and is well placed for selection.

Sophie Brown also went for trials for the GB Adaptive Squad and will be asked back for the next one planned in April.

Well done Katherine and Sophie.

Recent Events


We attended the head on a cold and windy day with Tom Bowles and Ellie Adams representing the Juniors in singles and Pippa Kerry and Jeremy Milbank and Hannah Lodge and Keith Paxman in Masters Doubles.

Tom performed really well and Ellie won her event. The doubles were the only entries in their category although Pippa and Jeremy were clear winners between the two SRC boats.


We came back from Star Head after a pleasant day in the autumn sun with 7 wins – a great day for the club.

Congratulations to:

  • J15 1x – Ellie
  • Mas 2x – Pippa Kerry and Jeremy Milbank
  • J15 2x – Ellie Adams and Amy Bowles
  • J16 2x – Molly Shaw and Amy Bland (Rob Roy)
  • J17 4+ – Toby Stock, Tom Bowles, Alex Blackman, Will Kerry and Holly Adams (cox)
  • MAS 4+ – Dave Bull, Tim Hysom, John Bowles, Austin Shaw and Ella Hysom (cox)
  • Mas 8+ – Dave Bull, Tim Hysom, John Bowles, Austin Shaw, Paul Adams, Graham Morris, Simon Coll, Keith Paxman and Mike Arnott (cox)

Coming Events


We have a number of crews going to the Ardleigh Head on 8 December. This is event is being organised by our colleagues at Essex University and I am pleased we are able to support them this year.

Pudding Races

Our annual Pudding Races will be on 22 December this year. It’s our traditional mix of scratch racing and pre Christmas social. Look out for more details soon.


Pudding Races

Saturday 22 December (0830-1230)

Don Christmas hats and plenty of layers this December before bundling the in-laws up to the club for a morning of friendly (yet intensely competitive) racing in scratch crews. As usual, the winning team will be awarded with puddings and all are welcomed to the clubhouse for a feast of mince pies, mulled wine, jacket potatoes and cake, all washed down with a festive punch.

Let Emma or Jeanette know that you’ll be attending so that sufficient food can be prepared and then declare your availability on Squadlist so that approximately equal teams can be engineered.

… and, whatever you do, don’t forget the hats!